2 men get suspended sentence for death of mentally disabled man left in car


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Suspended sentence.

You can literally get away with murder in Japan. Shocker mate, shocker.

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And this likely happens often...just no one dying

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Presiding Judge Toshikazu Ishii said it was a grave matter that a precious life was lost due to the two men neglecting their professional duty of care.

The matter could not have been that grave nor the life so precious if he only gave them a 12 month suspended sentence.

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This is not the first time someone was given a lenient sentence when the victim was handicapped. Sickening! The judge is as bad as the bus driver and staff member.

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To be fair, I can actually see the suspended sentence here. 75 year old Mitsuo's not going to be working anywhere again and so cannot endanger anyone in any case. Further, if he had chased the disabled guy off the vehicle just for him sleeping it might not have gone down well with the human rightists.

And Shinpei was merely not paranoid enough. His unwert was small despite the unfortunate consequence.

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So, if you are careless and disregard your duty of care, which results in a death, you get a slap on the wrist. How wonderful!

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I'm sure the driver would have left a window slightly open and maybe even some water if it had been a dog

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Another spectacular judgment from the courts. Nobody is actually responsible in Japan.

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Only in Japan.

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