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2 men stabbed in separate incidents in Yokohama; suspect arrested


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How many more of these incidents do we need to sow that things are no longer the same in Japan?

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Random stabbing! It must be summer in Tokyo. Perhaps they will catch him or maybe he will just disappear into the concrete jungle. However, if they do catch him, his motivation will be, “I just wanted to kill someone.”

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"Two men were stabbed Friday evening in separate incidents in Yokohama with a male suspect on the run, police said."

That sounds like attempted murder. But the spin says: The injuries of the two victims are not life-threatening, the police said.

and what about the concealed weapon charge duh?

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"and what about the concealed weapon charge "

maybe they have open carry laws

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With all the knife attacks in Japan, this easily could be two totally different guys who did the dual stabbings.

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70 m away, 5 minutes later. Separate incidents.

Some are on drugs here or radioactive are worse then thought, maybe because of temperatures....or all those reasons ;) ?

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The concealed weapon charge will not stick. You only face charges for the most serious offense in Japan.

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said God told him to do it. The police will judge whether he can be held criminally responsible.


The police will judge? Shouldn’t he be tried in court? Or can someone tell me how it works in japan?

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wow..again. Glad the suspect was caught and arrested. Getting dangerous in Japan with so many stabbings this year, and afraid to go out anymore. I hope the US puts a warning about knives everywhere like Japan did to the US about guns.

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Getting dangerous in Japan with so many stabbings this year

It's not. It may seem that way because you read a number of articles on it, but there are 130 million people in Japan, and the odds of being stabbed in Japan due to an incident like this are much lower than the odds in nearly every other country in the world.

Unfortunately, human nature is to hear a story, and therefore place personal relevance on it. Back in the day, we got local news - maybe you'd hear about a murder in your local area once a year. Now, we get the news for the entire world, so it feels overwhelming - but there are 7 billion people on the planet, which makes for a LOT of news. And in that vein, with 130,000,000 people in Japan, it may seem like you hear a LOT of bad news, except that it's really not, due to the extremely large mass of population from which that news is being generated.

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They were stabbed in the abdomen and the left arm? Did the people stabbing them ever study human anatomy? You go for the jugular.

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This Weather is enough to drive you nuts.

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 the odds of being stabbed in Japan due to an incident like this are much lower than the odds in nearly every other country in the world.

Wow, how many countries are there in the world? Hope you back up your bold statement with some data.

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Totally agree with Strangerland.

In Japan a stabbing makes the national news for the simple reason such violent acts occur not that often. In many countries even murder does no longer make national news...

Let's hope it stays like this in Japan.

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