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2 men stabbed on Kitakyushu street


Two men were attacked by a knife-wielding man while walking along a street in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture, on Sunday morning.

The attack occurred at 8:20 a.m. near JR Kokura Station, TBS reported. Police were quoted as saying that the two victims were pachinko parlor employees, one aged in his 20s and the other in his 30s.

Police said the two men were walking along a narrow road in an amusement area when they were suddenly attacked. Both men suffered stab wounds to their hands and face, but their lives are in no danger, police said.

The assailant fled in a white car but was apprehended a short time later, police said.

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Terrible. This is my wifes hometown. It is the gritty industrial rustbelt of the Kyushu region, often referred to as the "Chicago" of Japan. There are many Yakuza and related factions. It is home of the influential Kodai gumi.

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@ Genkigonzo: Yes, it's a translation error; same kanji, but different readings. The story should read "Kokura Station," not "Ogura Station."

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Fukuoka police = as bad as saitama police

Those two prefectures are heaven for yakuzas unfortunately :(

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Kokura Station, and not in Saitama.

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Probably lost all his money in pachinko.

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Apprehended and...?

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And is full of them...

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Do they mean Kokura Station? Don't remember an Ogura Station when I lived there, and there are loads of pachinko parlours near Kokura station...translation error?

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Elbuda, yes.

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Come on! The guy lost his money at the parlor, was upset, and desperate.

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Is Kita Kyushu really full of Yakuza???????

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Guess is: the Pachinko parlor got asked to pay protection and didn't, they'll pay next time.

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Wow that's early in the morning to be angry at Pachinko employees. They haven't even opened up the place yet.

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from my knowledge of Kitakyushu, this was not a random attack

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