2 men tie up woman, steal nothing in home invasion


Police in Tokyo are searching for two men who forced their way into a woman's house and tied her up before leaving empty-handed.

According to police, a report was received at 2:45 p.m. Wednesday from a man who said that he had arrived home to find his wife, who is in her 70s, had been tied up by two intruders who had since left the house.

TBS quoted police as saying that the two men forced their way into the residence in Minami-Aoyama, Minato Ward, tied the woman up with rope and sat her in a chair before searching her bag and other belongings. They then left without taking anything.

Police said the residents told them they have no idea what the men were searching for. The woman told police that the two men appeared to be foreigners.

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"Appeared to be foreigners". ???? Compare the country of Japan to foreign and that covers a range of peoples. I tend NOT to believe her.

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Did they check the vacuum cleaner bag? Oh, foreigners. Never mind.

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The ANN News report leads off saying that the perpetrators are foreigners (住宅に2人組の外国人の男が押し入り), and that the woman is in her 70s.

Here is a link to the report (in Japanese):

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thx JT,For more information about this crime, here,>

Two robbers said 'SUMIMASEN,SUMIMASEN *with broken japanese', while binding to a chair 70 year old granny's arms and legs with rope.

and, another crime here,


J-Police release CCTV images of Foreign robbers who stole Y22mln from minatoku antique shop owner

If you recognize these Foreign Criminals, call 110 or 03-3475-0110 (akasaka police)

call anonymously> 0120-924-839

web form anonymously>


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oh FOREIGNERS of course,that narrows it down quite a bit. Maybe they were japanese acting like foreigners who wanted to practice their bondage techniques?

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Hentai? Will we see pictures on the Web?

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maybe,these chain of foreign crimes are committed by the same criminals? what an arrogant act.. scary..

must arrest

must punish

call anonymously


web form anonymously

YOU Get reward for information leading to an arrest

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Sick world... The last fight i got into, i let the police take my dna... Just so something like this wouldn't happen.

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Whoa, so what's the crime? Breaking and entering...?

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I think I would be a little insulted if someone tied me up and could take anything I owned, and took nothing. A polite Japanese crook would at least take something, if only to avoid the obvious insult. These foreigners!

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Japanese or foreigners, jerks break into my house, it's going to be too wet to plough!! For them, that is...

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The woman told police that the two men appeared to be foreigners.

if the intruders wore masks, it wont be clear whether this is true, otherwise poor foreigners,,the police would be utilizing what its can hav now to hunt u down!

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Sounds like a Japanese crime - and the stats would back that up - but if they were gaijin then catch em and kick em out!

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"White Punks on Dope"

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Sounds as if they were looking for something specific. Maybe these guys were professionally hired.

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Maybe from their speech if they were speeking in Japanese?

Maybe they were speaking in some kind of foreign language?

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So, if they were speaking broken Japanese, what kind of accent? Oh, All foreigners sound alike.

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Whoa, so what's the crime? Breaking and entering...?

Home invasion. Assault. Attempted robbery. And probably a dozen more exotic charges.

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So at least they didn't harm the lady except her pride.

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They did not say about accent, There are different Tokyo dialog such as Shitamachi, Kaminote.etc Many educated foreign people speak better than uneducated Japanese, '

How about height? Are they taller than 5 feet 6 inches? Eye colors, Blue? How about face colors There is no info yet, The wife's guess only.

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@Mirai Hayashi: That, or they were just thrill seekers doing it for the thrill of the act.

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Well, being a foreigner, I feel extremely guilty. I think I need to turn myself in, and all of you should do the same so we can wrap this up as quickly as possible.

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@Mocheake: You are suggesting foreign people to obstruct police investigation! If you are not these two men, stay away, Visa? Work permit? All sort of problems go on the whole bunch of foreigners. When police is looking at two people, it does not need a whole bunch of people rush to police station to confuse it. You can turn on but don;t instigate others. They night tell you are the instigator. Additional charge on you.

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They didn't leave with NOTHING. They stole the poor woman's dignity.

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