2 sisters dead in apparent murder-suicide


Police in Tokyo said Monday that two sisters have been found dead in their condominium in Shinagawa Ward in an apparent murder-suicide.

According to police, the bodies were found at around 11:20 a.m. on Sunday, Sankei Shimbun reported. Residents in the building notified police after the sisters failed to show up at a mochi-making event.

The bodies were identified as Fumiko Saito, 46, and her sister Kazuko, 43. They were lying face up in the living room. Both bodies had knife wounds.

Police said there was a note, dated Dec 11, saying, "I did an unforgivable thing to my younger sister. We are going to be with our parents."

Police believe that Fumiko stabbed Kazuko to death and then committed suicide. Kazuko suffered from a developmental disorder.

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"I did an unforgivable thing to my younger sister"

RIP Kazuko-chan!! :-(

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I hope the police 'beliefs' are based on more evidence that the note alone.

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Sounds like the elder sister could no longer take care of her little sister any longer and wanted to end it all.

Is it too shameful to ask for help? Or did she try and was turned down?

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Does it matter?

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Simply moving out would have been a far better option.

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This is sad to hear. Such a waste of life. But what puzzles me is that residents called police after they failed to turn up to a mochi-making event??? Really? Is this really worth calling police over? Usually in a western country , if a person has been missing for at least 24 or 48 hours, then you call police.

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@Brian-Maybe it was something that the sisters attended without fail. Than again, I'm just assuming. You know what they say about "assuming." But, good for others in reporting it. Makes me think that the community was looking out for them as well.

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Tragic, how terribly sad.

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what...the hell. Japan's mental health seriously needs to be heavily examined. not just examined, but something needs to be done. with all of these stories, dont people see that Japan is not all about kawaii culture (shudders), sushi, geisha, and anime? those things are just placed before you so you do not delve into the deeper underlying problems that Japan has. a few days ago, a woman in Hyogo was bludgeoned to death and thrown in the river. Weeks ago, a 23 year old man and his 17 year old wife killed their newborn daughter because she was crying and disturbed their video games. Something is really wrong with the mental health of a lot of Japanese people, and sweeping it under the rug is not going to help this dilemma.

wake up! Japan is not all fluffy and cute. there is crime, murder, poverty, mental illness, and perversion. the people are crying out for help but they are being ignored. women are not all that safe, children's futures hang in the balance. and men are becoming less stable. all are suffering.

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