2 teachers arrested over alleged indecent sexual acts


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Pay a fine, and a six-month suspension? WTF???

Those are criminal offenses that should require jail time and a lifetime ban from teaching.

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there needs to be a law that if you commit a felony, especially toward a child, you should not be able to legally change your name. and the penalty for child porn needs to be increased by like %1,000.

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Ota had been arrested in 2013 for allegedly sending child pornography online while working at an elementary school in Saitama Prefecture, but later managed to be hired by the Chita board of education after changing his legal name in the family registry.

This is a big part of the problem.  If he was arrested in 2013 for child pornography, he should still be in jail.  As garypen said above, the other guy should have been jailed as well too...not given a six-month suspension from his employer.  These are serious offenses and deserve serious jail time, not slaps on the wrist.

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but later managed to be hired by the Chita board of education after changing his legal name in the family registry

The family registry has always been a source of power and a major loophole in Japanese society. Names can be a tricky thing in Japan with the use of kanji. One easy way of changing your identity can be as easy as simply reading one or all of your kanji differently.

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Pay a fine and get suspended from work? The penalty is just as sick as the offense. These creeps are nothing more than sexual predators preying on flipping children FFS! And, to make it even worse, the are teachers? They also used their position of supposed 'authority' and SNS to groom the children and to get them to send sexually explicit images of themselves. These creeps would be facing at least twenty years in jail in Australia and would be put into the general population areas of the prison to receive their real punishment, everyday!

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I have said it before, and I will say it again. Koumuin always get off lightly because the police are koumuin as are teachers, and koumuin always let koumuin off lightly, it is the mindset of; koumuin are somehow better people by the fact that they are koumuin, so they will learn from their mistakes and become better people, and as we can see in this case it is not even close to the truth. They just don't like to, or want to have to admit that there are bad people among them!

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I'm going to say it again, and get the usual thumbs down, but Japan needs a proper system of checking those who want to work with children and vulnerable adults and also a sex offenders register.

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Wait, there should be another sick arsed one coming from down here soon too! These so called teachers need to be made an example of , to stop others from copying!

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I agree, and gave you a up vote! The system here, and in the US failed to keep one man from doing what he did, after a while it finally caught up to him and he is now serving time in a US prison. I knew this man personally, he was a family friend from the early 70' onward, and came to Japan because I was here, so I live with some guilt for what he did while he was here. My younger brother was his first victim, I found this out right before his arrest. Looking back, all the signs were there, but no one acted! The only thing I could do after the fact, was help the Washington Post with details of where he lived and how he acted throughout the years. The police could have not cared less.

I confronted him while I visited him in Oguni on what seemed like odd behavior, but no no avail! His supervisors knew a lot about his odd behavior, but just let it pass until he was up for contract renewal, and just let him go so they did not have to live with the shame of letting him have the job in the first place, and even after his odd behavior came to light! He some how seemed to keep on step ahead of the law in the US, until his arrest.

You can't fire someone on suspicion alone, but where there's smoke there's usually fire!

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Indecent act?

What did he actually DO?

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Surprised we don't see more of these.

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What did he actually DO?

I can not believe that anyone would want the details of a crime of this horrendous nature. Pretty damn sick if you ask me!

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BertieWooster, he requested and accepted nude pics of children. Answered your question?

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Are these not criminal offences warranting more then a cheap fine?

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Answered your question?

Read the question again....Bertie wants to know what happened (allegedly) in the bathroom!

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This line of discussion is ended.

Revoke their teaching licenses and triple check every person applying to schools and educational institutions. While being quite an underpaid job, teaching is one of the most serious industries in the human world, because the teachers have access to the one invaluable resource in the society - future generations. Letting anyone who applies for those two pennies influence children is simply irresponsible in modern society, where background checking and surveillance are a necessity, not a luxury.

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Pay a fine, and a six-month suspension? WTF???

Those are criminal offenses that should require jail time and a lifetime ban from teaching.

Oh no, but not in Japan, where 'if you don't mention it, it doesn't exist!' They are not criminal offenses, they are merely 'drunken mistakes', or 'human errors in judgment'. That's what happens in a society where the wantonly illogical is normalized.

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The most poetic or mirror justice would be to force him to be stripped and photographed, placing it online.

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Not familiar with exact situation, but there is a difference between porn and nudity. Nudity, for example is like the cupids in renaissance art, porn is displaying certain parts in a sxual manner. The fine rather than a jail term may be based on this distinction. To compare, even in the US child nudity is allowed otherwise countless renaissance art would have to be burned. In either case, the children should receive help.

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These two should be registered as sex offenders and banned from teaching for life. A mere six month suspension is utterly ridiculous.

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effectively forced to quit his job for sending child pornography


in the UK, a teacher is not allowed in a room with a child with a closed door. security cameras are common. japan has to update. overworked teachers and the AKB48 culture is also to blame.

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Despicable! These child-molester perverts need to do some HARD PRISON TIME. Screw letting them quit or pay a fine. No background checks done here? Even if the guy changed his name, due diligence should have been able to weed him out. Just my feeling. Poor kids.

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Going back to the school who ever hired those guys without back ground check should be also penalized even if the guy changed his name they should be able to make a call on his previous work.

If that person was arrested on 2013 the Ministry/Dept for Education should have kept a record of that and forewarn other school on that prefecture.

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that is so freaking scary.

30 years he was doing that.

Looking at his final statements and the fact that he continued for 30 years he seemingly didn't think he was doing anything really that bad.

How his wife didn't know, or how she will stay sane is beyond me.

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The fine was about £2100 is that enough? and he quit his job, that is a easy way out, if he quit his job what would be on his work record? would it say he quit? but, if he was sacked it should read dismissed due to grows misconduct, due to sexual nature, this way if his next employer checks his CV or past employer it should be flagged up. something should be on his work record full stop.

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jeeeee horny much or just a plain sex maniac abuser....

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