2 women molested by man while walking home in Saitama


Two women were molested by a man in separate incidents as they walked home in Koshigaya, Saitama prefecture, police said Monday.

According to police, the first incident occurred just after midnight Saturday, Fuji TV reported. The woman, in her 30s, told police she was on her way home when a man grabbed her and forcefully took into a nearby parking lot where he groped her.

In the second incident, about 40 minutes later, another woman who was also on her way home was groped by a man who came up behind her. That incident took place about three kilometers from the first one.

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"Two women were molested... in separate incidents... just after midnight"

Well done to the women for reporting it!! :-)

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This is unacceptable. But it's even more unacceptable when these prowling pervs are doin this to Jr HS girls walking home.

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No description of the guy?

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Saitama again?

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Please fix the title. Include separate incidents.

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I am pretty sure if and when they locate the Perp,he will claim... " I was drunk at the time and do not remember molesting anyone"

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In situations like these, I say, "take matters into your own hands", perhaps a law should be passed that allows those venerable 'in this case, female, late workers and teenage girls', carry a taser, or similar self-defense means. Such tools would teach thugs such as these never to bring out old Jonny.

It's the only option after all when, the law lets you down with the "I was drunk" loophole. A pity I suppose.

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