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2 women waiting at bus stop die after being hit by car driven by 71-year-old man


Two women died and and two other people were injured after a car driven by a 71-year-old man plowed into them at a bus stop in Yokohama on Thursday.

Police have arrested the driver, Tsukimori Sato, a company employee from Tokyo’s Adachi Ward, on suspicion of dangerous driving resulting in death and injury, Fuji TV reported. The two women killed were aged 45 and 56, while the two injured people were a man and a woman, both in their 70s, police said.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 2:30 p.m. at the bus stop in Totsuka Ward. Sato’s car suddenly veered onto the sidewalk and hit the four people standing at the bus stop.

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If anyone, this old dude is clearly just another mental patient.

There should be mandatory license re-testing every few years for those over the age of 65. Motor skills and vision can decline rapidly in some people, and they shouldn't be allowed to drive.

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Why not?


Because it's too old, obviously.

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There should be mandatory license re-testing every few years for those over the age of 65. Motor skills and vision can decline rapidly in some people, and they shouldn't be allowed to drive.

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Previous comment said it : poor drivers.

Associated to poor or absence of any safety measures. Car can plough waiting pedestrians without any limitations. In my country : high pavement and usually clear road marking.

Not only bad luck, especially because previous signs of general carelessness from driver.

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The article doesn't say why he drove into the bustop area at 2:30 pm ?

Obviously it was dangerous but was it intentional.

Its sad innocent people lost their lives and injured people.

I must admit that driver's in Japan are terrible and i currently work as traffic director.

Very poor driving skills and safety of Japanese people of all ages.

Condolences for the deceased and speedy recovery for the injured.

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Fatal accidents have been declining in Japan for over a decade. Stricter re-licensing for older people is part of that.

Old drivers are involved in daytime suburban accidents that kill children and women - max shock horror value compared to two middle-aged drunks wiping each other out in the middle of the night, or pro drivers succumbing to fatigue on a highway.

As a proportion of license-holders, 75-79 year-olds have a risk level similar to 20-24 year-olds of being involved in a fatal accident. Population numbers for these two age bands are actually very similar, so it’s a robust comparison.


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The deadliest drivers are in their 20's.

The safest drivers with the least accidents are over 60.

Yes, but 20 year olds need to drive because they work for example, whereas 80 year olds probably shouldn't be driving at all.

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Not enough info. Everyone is just speculating. Yeah older drivers statistically have a higher rate of accidents but who knows what caused this one? Maybe he was drunk, maybe he dozed off behind the wheel. Nobody knows.

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ALWAYS try to stand behind a solid barrier at an Intersection, like the main pole supporting everything, if he takes that down, you’re done anyway.

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The driver, aged 71, had been causing trouble with neighbours by deliberately parking his car at an angle, excessively close to the adjacent vehicle. As can be seen in this photo, it was not roadworthy and would not have passed Shaken inspection:


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My condolences. May they Rest In Peace.

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Not to be cynical about this but people should be alert when going outside. I’ve seen people’s eyes just glue on a cellphone unaware of any danger around them. Split-second reaction is a matter of life and death.

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Every morning as I watch my children go off to school... They think I am crazy, but hopefully the advice I give will keep them safe.

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The deadliest drivers are in their 20's.

The safest drivers with the least accidents are over 60.

Some of you are just plain wrong and the statistics don't match the myths you pulled out of the air.

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Reading other news sources I see the police found no alcohol in his blood. There were no skid marks and a witness said the car’s brake lights did not light up. It was a gentle right hand curve but the police said he drove straight on and up onto the sidewalk. He admitted the charges. Oh and the driver was 71 apparently.

Moderator: Thanks for pointing out the error in the driver's age. It has been corrected.

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In cities people have an option to use public transport and many people do not own a car and some don't even have licence. But in the countryside, there is virtually no convenient public transport that would take you to the shops, therefore use of car is necessary. A household will have a car for every member over 18 and under 95 in some cases. Especially farmers as they are unable to attend to their farm without one. Their children do not want to take over and rather work in a city. So whatever you think should be done about elderly drivers, everyone's needs are very different and I do not see self-drive K-trucks being available anytime soon.

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A 'company employee', at 75???

Why not?

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"2 women waiting at bus stop die"

so sad too bad.

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All I can say is with an aging population is hurry up Tesla we need those autonomous driving vehicles.

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@El Rata People over 60 have no business behind the wheel. Your logic also suggests people have no business walking. The definition of an ACCIDENT is an unplanned event.

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Not sure what exactly caused the man to do this but elderly people behind the wheel is going to become more prominent as the population around the world ages. I think governments should start taking some action and either a) setting up an age limit on how long you can drive for; or b) making yearly driving tests/reviews mandatory for those over a certain age if they want to keep their driving licenses.

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People over 60 have no business behind the wheel.

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You all should not immediately blame it on the age group and call the guy out just because he is old. In fact car accidents happen every day in a nation of 125million people. And so far this was the only time this month i heard that the driver was 75 who cause a accident. But it can easily be someone young to just any other day. At least show me statistic then that show old people are more dangerous in reckless driving than any other car drivers that happen this year.

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A 'company employee', at 75???

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He could have been many things but one thing he was for sure was too old to drive. Most driving deaths now are caused by older drivers. All of you see them every day on the road, stopping at green lights, driving half the speed limit, weaving into other lanes and hitting other cars-I have seen directly myself. Old guy just drifted out of his lane right into another car. He was clearly both physically and mentally impaired. And there are tens of thousands of them on the roads in Japan too stubborn to stop driving, and the government does really nothing cause old people vote. Results, people get run over by old folks like in this story. Mostly men too Iit seems are the murders.

The government should put the kids of this coger in jail as well. That would put an end to these needless deaths.

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Should we have a review of the age limit and competency of the driver's now? This cannot go on.

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I totally agree with Speed. Until we have more complete details about this incident, any opinion is going to be baseless. He could have been day dreaming. He could have had a stroke. He could be insane.

Who knows?

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Partner's parents are over 70. They have been driving more and longer distances because they are concerned about getting infected with COVID. I am pretty sure they are not the only seniors who feel that way. The like down reduce the numbers reasons to be out.

I am wondering with the lockdown lifted and the concern about infections will increase the number of seniors in vehicle collisions.

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There needs to be mandatory license re-testing for everyone over the age of 65

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No one here really knows what caused it. You're all just speculating. He might've had a heart attack. A stroke. Had malicious intent. Gas-brake mistake (again).

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Has it occurred to anyone that this driver might have been incompetent to begin with and only got worse as he aged? I have seen enough people who appear to be in the prime of life who are horrid drivers.

All we can say is may those poor ladies rest in peace.

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Don't tell me - he mistook the gas pedal for the brake pedal?

How many times is this going to have to happen before there is some kind of action?

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Another one. Now, what little life this guy has left will be spent behind bars, probably, and he'll pay in compensation as well, and two people with decades left to live are gone. Why? What was he doing that so desperately required him to drive a car that he couldn't have done otherwise?

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