20 kgs of white asparagus stolen just before harvest in Hokkaido


Police in Nakagawa-cho, Hokkaido, are investigating the theft over the weekend of about 20 kilograms of white asparagus just before the spring harvest.

According to police, at around 4:30 a.m. on Sunday, the president of Uemura Green Agricultural Products was about to begin work when he noticed that the white asparagus plants in one of the greenhouses were all gone. He immediately notified police.

The thieves cut the asparagus plants at the stem with a sharp blade. The wholesale value of the stolen 20 kgs is estimated at 40,000 yen.

Police believe the theft occurred between 5:30 p.m. and midnight on Saturday. The stolen asparagus plants were scheduled to be harvested on Sunday and Monday.

Police said they will strengthen patrols around greenhouses during the night. The targeted greenhouse neither required a key to enter inside nor was it equipped with security cameras.

Mikio Uemura, president of the agricultural co-op that owns the farm, told reporters: “This is the first time I’ve experienced theft. Whoever did it must have some agricultural knowledge.”

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Whoever did it must have some agricultural knowledge.

Indeed, and probably access to the market too. Probably one of the workers, with knowledge of the planned harvest, layout of the greenhouses, and lack of security features. But at a value of just Y40,000 – not a great payout given the risks.

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What? That's a lot of effort harvesting it all and time, then storing, selling it for ¥40,000. I doubt it's a profitable undertaking. Another bizarre crime that baffles the mind. Must be why jails are full of criminal geniuses.

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More proof that Abenomics has empowered the Japanese economy.

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Heist of the century here, folks. Someone get 20th Century Fox on the line, this could be a hit picture.

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It should be easy enough to find the culprits. Just make the suspects submit urine samples, and get the rookies to do the sniffing.

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Crime of the century.

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He will trade a bunch of asparagus for a bunch of money!

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According to police, at around 4:30 a.m. on Sunday, the president of Uemura Green Agricultural Products was about to begin work

That's too early to start work.

I hope the thieves are caught, slapped upside the head, fined 4 million yen and made to do maintenance work at Uemura Green Agricultural Products for a year.

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My wife cooked a very nice dish with white asparagus last night. Having read this yesterday I had to question where she got them from!

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