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21-year prison term upheld for ex-NHK reporter found guilty of raping 3 women


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Good. I hope he stays in prison for every hour of that sentence. Filthy man.

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Let's wait till he's completely sentenced before passing judgement. In a country with close to a 100% conviction rate, fabricated data, etc., everything should be second guessed, or at least given the benefit of the doubt. If he's found guilty in the supreme court, so be it.

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I hear Japanese prison guards can make life more miserable for inmates than it already is I hope they live up to their reputations.

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Look at this objectively: He had plenty of opportunity to be with women....if he’s guilty, fine....Lock em up.

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The defense for 30-year-old Yasutaka Tsurumoto claimed someone with a grudge against the former journalist may have left materials carrying his DNA at the

 That wouldn't fly ...given the fact that the victims could've easily ID'd him.  Wasting tax payer's money on the Appeals court.

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