22-year-old mother arrested after infant's body found in her room


Police on Friday arrested a 22-year-old woman after the remains of her newborn son were discovered in her bedroom in Sapporo.

According to police, the suspect, identified as Saya Kano, works as a nurse. Fuji TV reported that she apparently gave birth at her home at the beginning of March. Her mother entered her room on Thursday night and discovered the baby's remains wrapped in a towel and notified police.

Kano, who is a single mother, was with friends at a karaoke parlor where she was picked up by police about two hours later, Fuji reported.

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Really? This woman needs to be put to jail for a long time....

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No remorse at all. Prefers to go to karaoke than to face reality. Let her face the justice system.

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As a nurse she know post birth options. What was she thinking! Not only allowed her son to die but ruined her life at it.

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Oh c'mon! Again??? Gees!

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Very irresponsible woman! And how could she be a good nurse when being a nurse entails a great responsibility not just to one human being.

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It's very sad but if we are to blame anyone, blame the government for not educating women about what to do if they fall pregnant un-intenionaly. And for not providing help, counseling or a safe place for women to give birth and possibly offer their child for adoption, without the finger being pointed at them. Shame on the government, the woman is a victim too.

-4 ( +2 / -6 )

Ci400: she is a nurse! Surely she knows about the health aspect of raising a baby and if not, has a plethora of resources at her work! It is shocking that she could allow her baby to die! And even more so that her mother only found out after it was too late. I hope they both get punished for this needless loss of life.

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Do these people even have a conscience? If this happened to me, I would be too distraught to do anything let alone go to karaoke with friends

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Didn't her friends wonder what happened to the baby?

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she might planned it from the beginning, dat why she doesnt want to give birth in the hosipital..RIP baby..

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I am assuming nobody knew about this baby at all since she gave birth to it at home. It says she is a single mother does she have other children? Why should her mother be punished sakurala? from what I understand of this article the mother didn't know until she found the baby? maybe I am wrong but that is what I understood anyway. There are way too many cases of women getting pregnant and going are they hiding their pregnancies..

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the last song and last karaoke !

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Maybe she has her own problem that male never understand. In my country, every pregnant women never let alone at home. Especially close to birth time. Seems like when she gave birth, nobody around and she couldn't ask for help. That's why anything could happen. The news didn't cover what happened and why she keep the baby in her bed. In my opinion, she was ready to pregnant for 9 months means she is really want the baby. Maybe the accident when she gave birth make the baby died and she couldn't face the truth so she still put the baby in her bed. Who knows.

Rather than punish woman because of killing the baby, better to help them since that proof they didn't have fertility problem and maybe they could give more baby to Japan.

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I've seen japanese women 9 months pregnant and you don't even know they're pregnant. She may have concealed her pregnancy. It has happened.

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In my vast experience, Japanese nurses are not very intelligent. Its not the field that the smarter Japanese women go into...and not a very bright pool to begin with.

I say give her a few weeks in jail for failing to properly dispose of a body. But maybe her baby was stillborn or there were complications. I dig the anarchist move of giving birth in her own room. The karaoke trip was also a nice touch.

-4 ( +0 / -4 )

Japanese nurses are not very intelligent.

They don't all need to be Nobel prizes, but they should have a minimum to say ? compassion and respect for human life ? She has none. What I find scary is any within 2 weeks to 6 months, she'll be freed and back at doing the nurse. A nurse that might just ignore your help calls, skip your room if she feared to finish late and miss a song of some silly karaoke party...

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In my vast experience, Japanese nurses are not very intelligent. Its not the field that the smarter Japanese women go into...and not a very bright pool to begin with.

In your vast experience how many nurses do you know personally? I know several, from quite younger to older and none of them fit into your description of not very intelligent. They don't do nursing for the money or glory but because they deeply care about others. You can't paint all nurses with the same brush just because of this one case.

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Do you think because of she is a nurse so she can give birth by her own? O come on. I've seen in tv when a man get hit between his two legs, he jump around can not walk, sometime the tv show the man even go unconscious. I don't know if the pain same as giving birth. I've never heard man could be dead by that hit though. But I do heard while giving birth, the chance of woman be dead is possible. That's why some hospital has made agreement to husband to choose priority to save the mother or the child.

So if you think the young woman could possible cut her own vagina to made easier to deliver the baby then saw them back. Or to move around for reaching her phone when her water break. Then I really don't know about how you thinking. Anyway, she is just 22 y. o.

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