22-year-old woman arrested over death of 6-month-old son


Police in Kawanishi, Nara Prefecture, said Saturday they have arrested a 22-year-old woman on suspicion of fatally abusing her 6-month-old son.

According to police, Yuka Ishikawa, a part-time worker, suffocated her son Hikaru, sometime between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on March 28. Sankei Shimbun reported that Ishikawa lives with her her husband, 33, her mother 52, her young sister, 18, and her one-year-old daughter. All members of the household, except Ishikawa's daughter, were out at the time.

Police said that when Ishikawa's mother returned home, she noticed Hikaru wasn't moving and called 119. He was taken to hospital in a state of cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead a short time later.

Police said an autopsy showed that someone or something had been pressed heavily on Hikaru's stomach and chest, making it impossible for him to breathe.

Police said Ishikawa has denied the charge and quoted her as saying, "I didn't do it."

Meanwhile, local media reported that after Hikaru was born, Ishikawa had gone to a municipal counseling center to seek help, saying she was distressed about raising her children. On Jan 22, Ishikawa's husband contacted police, expressing concern that she may have been hurting the children. Police visited the household to check on the children but found no signs of abuse. However, they suggested to the child welfare center that there was a possibility Ishikawa might abuse her children in the future and that welfare officials should check up on her from time to time.

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And they didn't, so this happened. When will the Japanese officials start taking things seriously? The warning signs were there.

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If you know your wife is abusing the children, you should have taken them and left. He's just as guilty as she is.

-5 ( +1 / -6 )

Another one? There's been a family murder nearly every day for the past four months. There is a huge problem in Japanese family life.

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So sad to hear this this morning . I bet there are many more out there, which might be going throw this even now . I hope they will get the help they need

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Sounds like a potentially very chaotic household.

How do we get the love back?

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A low birth rate should indicate to officials traditional attitudes are no longer desirable.

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So SHE asked for her, her HUSBAND asked for help and yet.... No help given. For a country that needs a the kids they can get, they certainly don't seem to do much to support those who have them and who need help and seek it.

RIP sweet Hikaru Kun. You didn't deserve to leave this world so soon.

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Disillusioned: "Another one? There's been a family murder nearly every day for the past four months."

And going back years as well. Another mother who never should have been, but now that she is/was, should be locked up for a very long time for taking the life of a person they should have done everything to protect. Poor child... would have stood a better chance being born in a third world country.

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