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22-year-old woman found dead at home; grandmother missing


Police in Odate, Akita Prefecture, said Saturday they are investigating the murder of a 22-year-old woman and the disappearance of her 73-year-old grandmother with whom she lived.

According to police, the victim, Asuka Sasaki, had moved in with her grandparents two weeks ago. Fuji TV reported that her 77-year-old grandfather went out for a walk after breakfast on Friday morning and when he returned home two hours later, he found his granddaughter dead and his wife missing.

Police said Asuka had been strangled to death by a thin cord and that there was a note nearby, stating "My granddaughter is dead. I want to die too."

Police said the missing grandmother's car was found near a lake about 3.5 kilometers from the house. Divers searched the lake but have so far found no trace of the woman.

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So sad for the grandfather, losing two loved ones. Makes me wonder if grandma was suffering from dementia.

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Well, you can't strangle yourself to death so the note is obviously not written by the murdered girl.

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@Sensei258, my first thought was it could have been the grandfather....

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But what about the note? It would be obvious whether it was written by a man or a woman

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a 73 year old woman overpowered and strangled a 22 year old woman? I dont buy it. Something is missing from the story here for sure.

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Well, that explains alot then. Thank you for that Educator.

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Educator do not make excuses for people killing each other. Preserving a human life is never a burden. Are you soulless?

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The only other thing I remember from the local news was that the parents are living in Akita. There was no info on why she was moved in with the grandparents or where she was living before that. Depending on the amount of care she needed it could have been the elderly folks were facing a burden that they were unable to shoulder. Or it may have just been that the grandmother was worried about what kind of future the granddaughter would be facing.

Yeah. Its always sad when you hear stories like this. But great of you to fill in the blanks so thanks again.

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