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23-year-old father arrested for abusing 3-month-old daughter


Police in Susono, Shizuoka Prefecture, said Wednesday they have arrested a 23-year-old man on suspicion of abusing his three-month-old daughter.

According to police, Kojiro Otani, a construction worker, beat his youngest daughter about the head on Feb 16, Fuji TV reported. Otani’s wife, who was out during the day, noticed the child had lost consciousness when she returned home, and took her to a hospital. The hospital notified a child welfare center on Feb 17 about a case of possible abuse.

The baby underwent surgery on her head and was in a serious but stable condition on Wednesday, police said. 

Otani and his wife have two daughters. The older girl showed no signs of having been abused. Police quoted Otani as saying he “might have injured his daughter.”

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Child Welfare workers: Again, please don't bungle this one. It's bad enough without the child dying due to your negligence.

Best of luck to the little one.

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That’s one or two reports of child abuse resulting in serious injury or death every day for the last week. TIJ’s underbelly.

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losing patience over a 3 old months baby? Really? That guy wasn't ready to be a father... bet his wife is the doing doing all things at home for the kids.

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TIJ’s underbelly.

Never happens in your country?

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It's good that a brighter light has been shone upon the amount of hidden child abuse cases here in Japan. Though hard to read because if it's nature, I hope these stories prompt the proper authorities to act fast and strict and actually ENFORCE a law that prohibits these acts of violence towards children.

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Old habits and ways take time to change.

A lot of abuse is due to ignorance and/or not knowing what is "acceptable".

With more public awareness, less passing the buck, and more education on ways of dealing with stress, maybe child abuse will wane...

Social workers should be vigilant.

There should be parenting classes for soon-to-be parents, for both mothers and fathers.

There can be no excuse for damaging a child.

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Death, taxes, and a daily story about child abuse on Japan today

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“might have injured his daughter.”

Well I hope the police also "accidentally might have" tasered this guy in the balls

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HTF could you even think about beating a newborn baby? What's the matter, her crying interrupting your video gaming?

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My baby daughter is 7 months old, so this really is painful to read.

What chip said, as usual

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Prosecute to the full extent of the law and thoroughly publicise the case so that every would be child abuser gets the message 'beat your child and you will pay severely'.

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DaDude - Never happens in your country

I never said it didn’t. This is a Japanese newspaper about news in Japan. Other countries are irrelevant. However, child abuse in Japan has a special kind of callousness and selfishness that is quite unique to Japan. Most of these cases of child abuse are carried out as discipline, which means they are purposely inflicting pain and injury on their children in the belief that they are education their children. That is Japan specific.

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The child's mother was out during the day and noticed the child had lost consciousness when she returned home.

Maybe the baby was crying for mummy for hours and the frustrated dad lost his patience and temper. It's absolutely no excuse for what he has done. Nevertheless cases like these seem to be common and can be avoided. Perhaps some childcare/parenting classes or mentoring and practical help from grandparents would help young parents cope better with the stresses of childbearing and raising.

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@ Do the hustle:



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