23 years sought for man over fatal road rage accident


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Hope he will get more than 30 years.

He definitely deserves that.

But even this sentence will not bring back those who were killed because of his act.

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Quote: "The defense counsel has argued that the charge is not applicable to Ishibashi as he was not behind the wheel when the accident occurred and thus there is no causal link between his actions and the couple's death."

No causal link? Er, hello? Is anyone home?

He drove his car in front of the family's car, repeatedly braking until finally forcing them to stop on a blind curve in the overtaking lane of an expressway. If that is not dangerous driving, I do not know what is. His actions contributed directly to their death and it is a miracle that they were not all killed.

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This is a sad case. Too bad the police aren't more proactive about road rage. I drive on the daisan keihin here and see aggressive drivers every single time and have never seen them pulled over. Too bad this hot head could not deal with his anger but I really hope the sentence is long.

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23 years sought for man over fatal road rage accident

And he should serve that. This guy's a total tool.

And there are many others out their just like him.

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"out there"

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The death penalty would be perfect, but let's hope he gets the fullest sentence. 23 years in prison for a road rager is going to destroy him mentally.

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For the sheer audacity of pleading not guilty coupled with the lawyer’s approach to defending his actions, I’d up the punishment to 30 years.

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i remember this case....was there any word on the truck driver? surely the event would leave him traumatized as well, not to mention that he was "actually" the one behind the wheel that killed the parents (not saying it is his fault in any way tho)

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It would be nice if the court gave him the 23 years twice - for each parent, and required they be served consecutively.  But alas, I suspect they will sentence him to less than the 23.

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So, is that 23 years per death? I’ve seen many of these buttholes on the roads over the years I’ve been living and driving here. They all think they are nine feet tall and made of steel and use their cars as weapons. This is what happens when you grow up in a society never having been punched in the face for being a Richard!

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I wonder if it is even possible to understand what motivated the young man.

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That guy is a psychopath. He laughed in court when he was listening to what happened to his victims. Rot in jail POS.

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I think staying inside your car is the best choice. And if you have a drive recorder to show the other person's reckless and dangerous driving, as well as his menacing actions, you could easily show how you feared for your life and your family members' lives, and explain why you bumped the guy as you drove off to escape him.

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While fully I agree that he should be sentenced to the max allowed by law and stripped permanently of driving privileges, I fail to see why the surviving family is allowed to petition the court - this should play no part in an impartial judicial proceeding.

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Just 23 Years for that human garbage???!!!.. That SOAB deserves death penalty !!!..


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"The defense counsel has argued that the charge is not applicable to Ishibashi as he was not behind the wheel when the accident occurred and thus there is no causal link between his actions and the couple's death." This is what passes for logic among those working in the Japanese legal system. It's like the Witch trial scene in the Holy Grail. Logical argumentation based on evidence, the weighing of various types of evidence based on its merits, the logical construction and deconstruction of positions based on empirical evidence... none of these are part of a Japanese education - nor is the written expression of opinion supported by evidence - because they would enable a system that could pose a challenge to the existing "merit-based" tick-the-box, numerical system of rewards that keeps society backwards and people from venturing an opinion for fear of sanction.

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Aren’t the highways monitored in Japan?

There seem to be enough cameras all over the place....

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Ishibashi has been separately indicted for two reckless driving cases in which he tried to force drivers out of their cars in Yamaguchi Prefecture in southwestern Japan. He was also indicted for damaging another vehicle by kicking it in the same prefecture.

And yet this was not enough for them to get the proper hanko marks to take away his license. As usual, change only comes about after a tragedy has already taken place.

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He should have parked his car properly - idiot!

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The statement from the eldest daughter was heart-wrenching: "I sometimes wonder we all just couldn't have died together as a family" "If I think of my parents' last moments, how terrified they must have been, I can't sleep at night"

In contrast this Ishibashi character seemed in statements to avoid acknowledging the logical sequence of events, his actions within the cause and effect of the accident, etc., emotionally aware of and enslaved by only his own violent ego. A very dangerous person.

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