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257 kitchen knives stolen from stores in Ibaraki, Chiba


Police said Friday that 257 kitchen knives have been stolen from stores in Ibaraki and Chiba prefectures this week.

According to police, 47 knives were stolen from a Home Center store in Inashiki, Ibaraki Prefecture, early Wednesday morning, TV Asahi reported. On Thursday morning, 70 knives were stolen from three Home Centers in Kashima, Ibaraki. On Tuesday night, 140 knives were stolen from a discount store in Sammu, Chiba Prefecture, police said.

Police said they are examining surveillance camera footage to try and identify the thieves.

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Whoah, that is one mammoth load of knives. Equipping a Ninja school, I wonder?

Natural questions bubble up. What kind of kitchen knives anyway? Good ones? To sell abroad? Some Japanese cooking knives have a good international reputation. Or is speculating frowned upon?

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Sharpening his shoplifting?

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Three days in a row. He must be trying to meet his customer order. There must be a buck in it.

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Why? Maybe other than just because they can steal the knives... I sometimes wonder what goes through peoples heads.

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Yeah, what kind of knives? Shouldn't be hard to find the perp/s. They will show up on Yahoo Auctions, Craigslist or eBay soon enough.

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Unbelievable, why ? Are the kitchen knives expensive? How many of 257 kitchen knives? Why they stolen so many kitchen knives? Do they use the to cook dinner, if so I think the dinner will be so unsavory, nobody will want to eat it. Or they are out of money. So poor men. Anyway so many kitchen knives have been stolen that is very dangerous, everybody be careful!!

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I wonder if it's a gang planning something? Hope not.

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must be cheap ones, usually the good knifes are under lock, and available to customers only uppon request/ What do they want to do with all those knifes, I wonder?

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Wow, that is terrifying !

Don't leave your house after dark, the Kitchen Knive Monster is on the loose again!

Thank you "Japan Today" for the warning....

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Probably an extremist group 'tooling up'.

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And on the other side of town 243 forks were pinched...

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Still unacceptably sketchy details in this article. Butter knives? Paring knives? Meat cleavers? Steak knives? Bread knives?

How about filling it in a bit?

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probably for selling...some of the jp knives can be very costly, even more than henckels or wusthof

i have a few globals and they were pricey

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