28-year-old man arrested for abusing 10-month-old son


Police in Tomioka, Gunma Prefecture, have arrested a 28-year-old man on suspicion of abusing his 10-month-old son by slamming him against the armrest of a sofa.

Police said Katsuya Sakurazawa, a temp worker, slammed his son Haruki’s head into the sofa armrest at their apartment on Thursday morning, local media reported.  

Sakurazawa’s wife, who saw the incident, called 119. Haruki was taken to hospital which contacted police about a case of possible child abuse. Police said Haruki remained unconscious on Friday.

Police said they are questioning Sakurazawa and his wife about whether the child was regularly abused.

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Let me guess, it was discipline for a baby that can’t even walk.

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Police said they are questioning Sakurazawa and his wife about whether the child was regularly abused.

Why bother? The man will vehemently deny it and the woman will probably cow under his wuthering gaze. At least she called the police so that they now have it on record that he physically assaulted the poor kid. Slap the cuffs on him and haul his despicable, vile carcass off to a dark, dank cell. Then throw away the key.

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Good on the wife, unfortunately there are many cases where the mother could have hidden the abuse until it was much worse, hopefully the victims makes a full recovery and that this was the first time he was abused.

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What a kind of a man and father is this brutal person? Hoefully there is some time in jail for doing something like that, no excuse is acceptable for such violent behavior. The child is still unconscious, sounds to be a very serious brain injury.

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To actually slam a baby's head against the armrest of a sofa is normally regarded as Attempted Murder.

And the police are questioning this total inadequate retard about 'suspicion of abusing' the poor defenceless little boy.......

The fact that he is still unconscious suggests that there could be encephalous injury / severe brain-damage even - it just doesn't bear thinking about, other than a lengthy incarceration coming up.

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Now, she would raise the baby by herself- adding more drama of single moms. Unless she divorce him or take him back lol

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