28-year-old man arrested over theft of 300 high school girl uniforms


Police in Kumamoto said Tuesday they have arrested a 28-year-old part-time worker for stealing 300 high school girl uniforms.

According to police, the suspect, identified as Kazuhiko Okada, broke into a high school gym at night last October and stole six uniforms. Fuji TV quoted police as saying that Okuda was identified from surveillance camera footage.

Police searched Okuda's apartment after his arrest and found 300 uniforms, which Okuda has admitted to stealing from various schools in Kumamoto.

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As sick as it is, I gotta say crime in Japan really isn't all that bad. I read my home town paper and people are getting robbed, raped, beat and killed. I'll take stolen uniforms over a death in the family any day.

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A school uniform is a little expensive. He must compensate them for victim's family's. At least they won't wear the stolen uniforms again :/

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Some people and their 'hobbies' are a little much. Well, at least they caught him and now that he's in the system he might not go onto what he could have become if not caught. Yeah, maybe I watch too much TV...

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Another example of the strong Japanese desire for uniformity.

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This was no hobby this guy had a full time job which consisted of a part time job and part time thief!! Freak!

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Maybe he meant to sell them rather than keep them for personal use.

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Geez, man! Just get a girlfriend already!

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