2nd suspect arrested over fatal stabbing of man in Shizuoka last month


Police in Mishima, Shizuoka, on Wednesday arrested a second man on suspicion of killing a 32-year-old man near a train station last month.

According to police, Taku Oki, 35, who is unemployed, is accused of stabbing Shungo Kagiwada, a construction worker, on March 7 near JR Mishima Station, Sankei Shimbun reported. Another suspect, Tetsuya Niitsu, 38, who is also unemployed, was arrested in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture, on the same charge.

A call came into 119 at around 5:10 a.m. on March 7, saying a man was lying on the ground near the station’s south exit after an altercation between four or five men. When an ambulance arrived at the scene, no one was there. Some of victim’s companions had taken him to Mishima Central Hospital.

The victim, later identified as Kagiwada, died about 50 minutes after arrival at the hospital.

Police put Oki and Niitsu on a wanted list after questioning the man’s companions about what happened.

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Why, exactly, does it matter if these two were unemployed? I've noticed that, when there is a crime article it's pointed out that the perp was "unemployed".

Is this a concerted effort to vilify the unemployed?

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They always report the occupations. If they had been company employees is would have been reported as such. The fact that you're noticing "unemployed" mention suggests that more crimes are being by unemployed. Why the J-media considers occupation important in a crime, I don't know.

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The occupation is considered relevant since, in a vertically-stratified society, it reveals the relative standing (within the pecking order) of the person being reported on. The victim in this crime was reported to be 'a construction worker' and this gives us an idea of the sort of people that he was friends, or enemies with. Under NO circumstances would I ever go out to drink all night in a bar with a group of construction workers... would you?

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I suspect unemployed is often use as a euphemism for no apparent visible means of support (yakuza). Not many unemployed can afford to go drinking all night.

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