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3 arrested for unauthorized disposal of corpse


Police said Thursday that three people have been arrested in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, over the unauthorized disposal of a corpse.

Police arrested the trio in Osaka based on a tip-off that they disposed of the body of a 69-year-old woman in February, Fuji TV reported. The victim, Mutsuko Kitagawa, was reported missing by her relatives in March.

According to police, the three wrapped Kitagawa's body in a blanket and took it in a rental car to a property belonging to one of them. They then chopped up the body, put the pieces in a trash can and took it to a mountain forest in Wakayama Prefecture, where police found it on Wednesday, Fuji reported.

The three suspects were neighbors of the dead woman. Police said bank security camera footage showed one of the men using Kitagawa's cash card to make a withdrawal from a bank ATM in March.

Police said they have not yet determined how Kitagawa died.

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good lord... poor woman.

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"unauthorized disposal of corpse" great name for a death metal band

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So who should they have asked for authorisation?? And what would the response be?? "No you may not! You made it, you keep it!" or "Yes, sooner rather than later if I were you. They go bad pretty quick."

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I am absolutely stunned that police in Wakayama were able to draw this connection so quickly if they found the body just 2 days ago.

Must have been some amazing clues or evidence though!

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maybe it was the ATM card? Watching CSI payed off!

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time "unauthorized disposal of corpse" great name for a death metal band

Also a great way for the police to hold suspects while they put together the murder case

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i swear these cases happen once a week in jp so it shouldn't be news

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Poor woman :(

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They must have told police where it was unless they were so stupid to not be able to hide a dead body in the vast rugged woods of Wakayama.

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