3 Britons to be put on int'l wanted list over 2015 jewelry heist


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When you're caught, remember to say "We were drunk and don't remember a thing", then bow profusely and show tearful "remorse"

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I agree but it doesnt work for gaijins.

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@Sensei258, that line is rolled out by a poster on every crime story here.

It's not funny anymore.

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The point is not humor.

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I guess it would be much easier to identify them compared to the usual black hair, 170cm, slim wearing a mask guy.

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Saw this on the TV news yesterday I think it was. Wondered why no names or photos were of the suspects were shown. It's possible some viewers might have helpful info they could provide authorities but w/o at least photos or names....

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I agree but it doesnt work for gaijins.

yep, that's J-land

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I was looking forward to knowing how the investigation would unfold. . They made a great coup and I hope they enjoyed their 10 months of “freedom”.

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Why no names and photos? The public could help with information. I'd doubt very much they used their real names on entering Japan, they may not even be British. International criminals of the intelligent kind tend to use fake passports.

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