3 children found dead in Kyushu; father attempts suicide


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If this animal is found to have killed these poor kids, he has to be executed. No ifs, no buts, no excuses.

Rest in Peace to the poor little Angels.

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How tragic! Another mass-murder of children.

"He never yelled at his kids. He was a doting father," said the man in his 70s, adding the father was always polite and often exchanged greetings with his neighbors.

It’s usually the quiet ones you have to watch.

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And I thought i was having a bad day. where is the mother? why didnt she help? is she around?

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I asked my wife why dont these so called parents just off themselves and leave the kids alone. Her reply had to do with these mentally sick parents "feeling sorry" for leaving "their kids" all alone to suffer because the government doesnt have the slightest clue as to how to deal with such children. Fostering in Japan doesnt exist, so those children will have to go to institutions for such children. These institutions are like prisons for the troubled children forced to grow up there away from normal lives. There was a documentary on Youtube called "Japan's throwaway children."

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How hard would it be to start an official adoption service in Japan?

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Maybe they wouldn't change their hair colour?

Sorry for any those offended, but brutal honesty is necessary for Japan. Ever since my fist six-week visit, in March, 2011, I have hoped it would leave its 19th-century psyche behind. Those old (and sometimes not so old) dinosaurs and their misogynist mammas belong in the recycle bin.

As I said, sorry. I have too many friends in Japan to know what that aging culture is doing to them, young and old.

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@wtfjapan? - thanks. I'm not a you-tuber, but I'll check the link. Even if I can't adopt one from Canada, perhaps I can set a few things in motion.

Kindest regards. Be good. Be happy. Be thankful. Give on.

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wtfjapan?Today  08:43 am JST

Fostering in Japan doesnt exist, so those children will have to go to institutions for such children.

Fostering does exist in Japan but it's not easy. See -

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I could not hold my tears. I raised 6 children, and even had my difficult times, but I dedicated all my energy and efforts for them, even when I had to swallow my pride.

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Please refrain from reporting details of suicides, research shows it increases the number of suicides and does nothing to reduce suicide.

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About 45,000 children in Japan are living without their biological parents. About 20% of them with foster parents, and the remaining 80% in facilities. Compared to other major countries in Europe and the United States, where more than 50% of those children are entrusted with foster parents, Japan still has a high reliance on facility consignment.

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Back on topic please.

And I thought i was having a bad day. where is the mother? why didnt she help? is she around?

Says it right in the article.

A man who lives near the family in Iizuka said the father was raising the three children by himself.

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another covid caused deaths.

guy had hard time with zero support from government,no extra 100.000 etc whatsoever.

highly likely like many cases happens nationwide now

very sad same time as its family tragedy.

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The general problem behind all such is a certain kind of gender uni-directionality. While women are now around the globe and loudly encouraged and supported if they take positions that usually were or are filled by men, in the other direction there’s nothing. Men who fulfill tasks usually done by women are smiled at or laughed about, bullied, let alone in their destiny, not supported at all , and in the very best cases just watched how they struggle with some feelings of pity.

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Very very sad. Why do children have to suffer?

I raised my daughter myself.

I worked, did housework, do cooking and everything else.

I loved my daughter who is married now.

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Imagine most people read out of ‘compassion for others’, not morbid curiosity @letsberealistic 10:29a JST.

It’s the media who formulate the “clickbait’ and work hard to draw viewers with “morbid curiosity”, not for compassion, or solutions.

This is not a personal attack but noticed some are downvoting you. (We can’t understand it either). You often request: “Please refrain from reporting suicides. Many countries ban such reporting to reduce ‘copycat’ suicides. Go check the stats - it will alarm you.’ -

what’s Your ‘specific source’ of information so we can understand your perspective?
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It's sad that those three kids are dead. RIP you never lived

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