3 ex-employees of nursing home face charges for abusing elderly residents


Police in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, plan to send papers to prosecutors on three former of a nursing home, charging the men with assaulting elderly residents.

The employees worked at S Amille Kawasaki Saiwaicho three elderly residents fell to their deaths over a two-month period last year. According to police, last Nov 4, an 87-year-old man fell from the balcony of the fourth floor and died. The second incident occurred on Dec 9 when a 86-year-old woman also fell from the fourth floor. In the third incident, on Dec 31, a 96-year-old woman fell to her death from the sixth floor, Fuji TV reported.

Each resident lived in a private room and the balcony railing is about 1.2 meters high.

Although the three former employees have not been charged over the deaths of the elderly residents, they face charges of assaulting other residents.

Police said one of the trio employee allegedly assaulted a resident in her 80s in June, while the other two disabled nurse call devices in order to make them inoperable for residents.

Police said there have been 81 cases of physical and verbal abuse reported in the past two years at the Kawasaki home and and its group facilities.

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Choose shared over private room to have witnesses against misbehavior

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There is one thing I cannot tolerate and that is abuse against children, elderly, or the disabled, there is no reason to do it, if your having a bad day, you don't bring it to someone who did nothing to you, and if they are making you upset there is other outlet other then to hurt them.

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"the three former employees have NOT been charged over the DEATHS of the elderly residents"

Nothing further to add!!

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They either pushed them or, more likely, made living there so bad for these unfortunately elderly people that they killed themselves. How these people manage to get hired and remain employed after numerous complaints is shocking. Hopefully they'll get some rough treatment in prison so they can be on the receiving end of the abuse.

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Nothing further to add!!

Except that maybe they are just guilty of abuse, and not murder

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"Nov 4, an 87-year-old... Dec 9... an 86-year-old... Dec 31, a 96-year-old"

All jumped to their deaths because they were TIRED and WORN OUT of from being looked after by their young carers!! ;-)

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