3 family members, one relative found dead in Aichi


Aichi prefectural police are investigating a possible link between the discovery of the bodies of a husband and wife and their eldest son, and the body of a male relative of the deceased family who was found hanging by his neck in a hotel.

According to police, the bodies of Hironori Sakano, 78, and his wife Naoko, 75, were found inside their car in a parking lot in Naka Ward, Nagoya, at around 3 p.m. on Saturday. NTV reported that earlier Saturday morning, in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, the body of the deceased couple's eldest son, Mitsunori, 47, a president of a staffing company, was found in the partially burned ruins of an apartment. Police were quoted as saying that marks on Mitsunori's body indicated that he may have been strangled to death.

Later Saturday, police discovered the body of one of the Sakano family's male relatives after he apparently hanged himself inside a hotel room, NTV reported. Investigators discovered a letter which detailed the deaths of the three family members, leading police to believe the male relative may have been either responsible and or involved in the three deaths.

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Hmm, no comments? I guess it's just another day in Japan, another family murder suicide.

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Reasonable people are saddened by the depths of evil that can happen in daily life but other than being reported there is not much reasonable people can say other than being very sorry for the survivors and for the victims, and I pray that they find peace.

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Why do people who commit murder and suicide always get the order wrong? First suicide, THEN murder. It’s not rocket science.

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they still believe those are suicide in japan ?


they don't watch tv enough...

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