3 high school girls among serial killer's victims


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Well, that's the stuff of nightmares! Japan, please don't let this guy off with any kind of insanity plea, etc.

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All of his victims wanted to die. That's just as strange as the killings themselves.

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No, they didn't. Even Shiraishi says in the article above: "None (of the victims) wanted to die actually." Granted that they said they did, but in fact they were just super lonely and needed to talk to someone.

The replies they got on Twitter were either of the "Don't do it!" variety, or "Hey yes, that's a great idea!" as Shiraishi is alleged to have said. He realized that they didn't, but killed them anyway.

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I'm not usually in favour of the death penalty, but in this instance... this is just horrific.

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It's a pity that it took the police so long to catch up with him.

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Beneath the simpering kawaii surface lies another Japan, a contortionist trick Japan that is seedier, darker, and grottier than, but no less real, than the officially endorsed version. Japan’s atavistic and narcissistic twin is a complex of lurid irrational impulses that for most of the time are kept under wraps even as they threaten to escape their confines to wreak mayhem and havoc on the carefully constructed narrative. Shiraishi conjures the demons of Japan’s soul.

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As all Asia knows, WW2 unleashed Japan's darkest demons. The films of legendary director Imamura Shohei feature the demons peculiar to the Japanese as their central motif. That said, every nation has its denizens of the dark side since we all belong to the same species of primate.

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On the morning of Halloween, police uncovered a grisly house of horrors behind Shiraishi's front door

Not the time to throw in comedy.

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Really shocking story. Terrifying really. Of course, being uncovered on Halloween somehow seems to make the impact stronger as well.

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Beneath the simpering kawaii surface lies another Japan, a contortionist trick Japan that is seedier, darker, and grottier than, but no less real, than the officially endorsed version.

puh-lease. japan hasn't tricked you, you tricked yourself. it's the height of stupidity that anyone would ever think that "seedy and dark" things don't happen in japan. but once again someone has to post something like this.

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well, as per the accounts of his neighbor, a neighbor saw him handing another guy a cooler box (which most probably contains the organs of his victims), and some evidence of blood stains on his fridge (which he may used to put the organs to be preserved). he is jobless and purposely rented and moved to that house just to butcher people (he even didn't get money from his victims) because he is selling organs. Instead of randomly killing people, he used instead victims who is willing to die (not knowing his true intentions).

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Chinchan, that theory sounds plausible. I suppose we will find out if thats the case soon enough.

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The woman who talked to him after he offered different scenarios of killing her is similar level of craziness as him. What's wrong with these people? Seriously!

For the people who think he might be selling organs, no way, this guy just butchered people, selling organs would include some knowledge of how to do it, not just chop it!

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"He had given me two options. One was that he makes me unconscious by putting sleep drug in my drink and then strangles me with a rope. The other was that he strangles me with a rope from behind while I'm watching TV or something," she told the Fuji network.

What??? So he was actually up front about murdering them, instead of just giving advice or planning to die together? In that case, what is she complaining about? Were they all like that?

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thats why hes not working alone, who knows if he just chopped all the limbs and just took the torso so his "friend" can professionally extract them.. just a guess, but as per the accounts of his neighbor he is not alone in this

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