3 men arrested for murder of acquaintance in 2010


Police said Saturday they have arrested three men over the death of a man whose body was discovered buried under concrete near a cemetery in 2010.

According to police, the men are accused of murdering 24-year-old Akihiro Tsuchiya following a dispute over money. Fuji TV reported that Tsuchiya's home was searched and his remains were found buried in the grounds of a graveyard in Honjo on Oct 17 following a tip-off from an acquaintance of one of the accused.

Police said that one of the suspects has confessed to the crime, while the other two deny the charges.

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I'm glad they found the victim so he can finally have a proper funeral. May he rest in peace and that he gets the justice he's rightfully owed.

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Tempted to say "Saitama!," but I won't.

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Get Real: "Tempted to say "Saitama!," but I won't."

But you kind of did. Anyway, glad to hear the police got these guys, and hopefully they will face true justice. And yes, as Heza! put it quite well, it's good to know the victim was found and can properly be put to rest.

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I suppose they never stopped to think about akihiro's family when they were doing their evil deed did they ?

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