3 men arrested over attempted murder of man sleeping in apartment


Police in Tokyo have arrested three men on suspicion of attempted murder in August after two of them broke into a man’s apartment and stabbed him, while the third man waited outside in a car.

The incident occurred in the early hours of Aug 7 in Adachi Ward, Fuji TV reported. According to police, Kota Konishi, 22, and Ryota Sakai, 22, broke into the apartment of a man in his 40s. The third suspect, 20, who cannot be named because he was 19 and a minor at the time, waited in the car outside the apartment building.

The two intruders stabbed the victim who was sleeping. As the man woke up, Konishi and Sakai fled from the apartment. The victim’s wife and daughter were also in the apartment but were not harmed police said, adding the no rooms had been ransacked.

The victim spent a month in hospital recovering from his injuries. Police said he told them he did not know the two men who attacked him.

Police arrested the three suspects on Saturday after an analysis of street surveillance camera footage enabled them to identify the car parked outside the apartment building.

Police said that so far, the suspects have not said anything about their motive for the attack.

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If the stabbing victim didn't know who the perps were then they were probably hired out by someone else to do the job. Guys don't break into places just to stab a guy and run unless it was a hit or something personal.

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The victim didn't know the attackers? That's hard to believe. A lot missing from this story but the victim mist have done something to piss somebody off.

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

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