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3 men rob 72-year-old man of Y8.2 mil


Police are looking for three men who pulled a 72-year-old man out of his car and stole 8.2 million yen in cash in Tokyo's Edogawa ward.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 8 a.m. Sunday. TBS reported that the man told police he was about to drive out of a parking lot when three men approached his car and started verbally assaulting him, threatening to smash up his car.

Police quoted the man as saying one of the three yanked the car door open, dragged him out and threw him to the ground. A second man then reached into the back seat and grabbed the bag containing the cash. Then all three of them got into a car and fled.

According to Tokyo police, the man had recently sold a truck to an individual he had met via a close friend, and had been carrying the cash on him at the time of the incident.

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Hmmm....how did the 3 guys know he was carrying so much cash? Sounds orchestrated to me...might want to check the guy he sold the truck to...

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There's nothing in this article to indicate that they did know the cash was in the car.

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They knew that he was carrying the money and that is a sure bet.

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Inside job.

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Gangs... bags of cash... Yup, that's Edogawa alright! Lived there 4 years - had numerous items of mine stolen. Yakuza EVERYWHERE!

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Yeah, everybody carries 80 grand around in the back seat of their car at 8:30 on Sunday morning! This was set up! Nothing surer!

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" There's nothing in this article to indicate that they did know the cash was in the car. "

You are right, the article does not state that, but you don´t have to be Sherlock Holmes to make that guess.

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Shoulda locked his door. Duh.

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Shoulda locked his door???? Shoulda not had 80 grand in cash sitting on the back seat!

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I wonder what kind of used truck a 72-year-old man would have that is worth about $80,000 US dollars or €57.500 Euros. Something like this?: <http://www.ufunk.net/en/insolite/batvan-tuning-japonais/ >

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It is highly likely the thieves knew about the cash in the back seat and this may help the police track them down.

But really, Japan has to get over its obsession with cash. It has had cheap electronic bank transfers for a couple of decades at least. I am surprised the banks still cooperate with individuals with large amounts of cash. Perhaps they are unwilling to upset the yakuza.

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Cash again???... I will never understand why my favorite sushi restaurant does not take plastic and why people in the most electronically connected country still use cash for big purchases. I was surprised last year when I took my car to the dealership for a big repair job and the guy tell me how much it is in English and then add "in cash". His partner told him in Japanese, foreigners don't pay in cash. So then I handed him my debit card.

I believe in preventing crimes of opportunity.

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