3 pedestrians hit and killed by car in Chiba Pref


Three people waiting at a crossing were hit and killed by a car in Noda, Chiba Prefecture, on Wednesday.

According to police, the accident occurred at around 7:30 a.m. The three people were at a crossing waiting for the walk signal when the car, driven by Ryuji Kaneko, veered over the center line into the opposite lane, jumped the curb and hit them. The car then hit a building wall, Fuji TV reported.

Two of the three victims ― a woman in her 60s and and another woman in her 70s ― were pronounced dead at the scene. The third victim, a man in his 70s who helped school children safely cross the street each morning, was taken to hospital where he died soon after arrival.

Police have arrested Kaneko, a 42-year-old company employee, on suspicion of reckless driving resulting in death. He was quoted by police as saying he was on his way to work when he blacked out for a few seconds.

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I've always thought that there was something fundamentally wrong with Japanese pedestrian crossings (traffic still allowed to drive through from the other roads)... but killed waiting to USE the crossing... horrible. RIP those killed... and if that driver has blackouts his licence should be revoked immediately.

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Yikes! So scary this could've happened to anyone

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if that driver has blackouts his licence should be revoked immediately.

Don't worry, he won't be able to drive in prison.

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I wonder how many people are killed by drivers every single day whether on the main highway or sidewalk?

In other G7  countries its can be 5 a day (regardless of whether the other person is on the road or sidewalk/footway/footpath).

Every day, day after day.

After day.

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he blacked out for a few seconds.

Blacked out or went to sleep? This article is too cryptic and lacks too many details about the driver to make any conclusions.

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Blacked out: means he was working all night and barely got any sleep. So on his way to work, he fell asleep at the wheel.

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Japanese thought they're always safe as long as they're doing it right. accidents can occurs in anytime and anywhere. Japanese should still be careful on crossing pedestrian lanes. like Thunderbird2 said there was something fundamentally wrong the way they cross pedestrian lanes.

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@ - I bet money on your speculation

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JJ Jetplane - Blacked out: means he was working all night and barely got any sleep. So on his way to work, he fell asleep at the wheel.

Working all night or drinking all night? It is not common practice for the J-cops to test for morning after alcohol levels.

On the the other hand, perhaps he does have a medical condition, in which case, he should not have been driving at all.

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A road design aide for drivers is called a "rumble strip" this is when the asphalt road surface is textured, (grooved) at the sides of the road, it is not uncommon to have raised reflector strips between lanes, the textured road surface alerts the driver when he/ she veers away from the driving lane, making a loud noise and creating a bumping sensation, also bollards near crosswalks, may help prevent accidents.

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No rhyme or reason, just what a waste, and doing the “right thing”.

And I tell my Japanese friends, JUST because it’s blue to walk, DOESN’T mean it’s safe. KEEP looking, as you are relying on people you know NOTHING about to stop and not make a mistake that can kill you.

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Rumble srips are generally at free-flowing road locations rather than crossings, so probably wouldn't have helped in this case.

I'd expect the police to test the driver for drink and drugs even at 7.30am in a case like this, and investigate the driver's work/leisure activities the previous evening. They'd be negligent if they didn't.

I'm not criticising people for watching the pedestrian signal, but road awareness is not just about waiting for the crossing sign. Watching the traffic and the entire lights system, and other road users, and hazards such as parked vehicles, can help keep people safe. Zoning in on the green man, or being distracted by smartphones whilst waiting, is not always enough to stay safe.


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Why I tend to stand far back from ped. crossings.

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Pedestrians in Asia are considered as subclass people.

90% or more of the public area are roads. Sidewalks and pedestrians crossing are congested. Traffic lights give 90% of the green time to cars. None stops at officially marked pedestrians crossings and jaywalking is considered as the worst offense you can do.

Soooo much to do!

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The people were waiting at the crossing, not crossing while light was green to cross. Obviously, just standing or walking on the sidewalk in this case could still have resulted in being run down. Stated that the car hit a building wall- nothing fundamentally wrong with the crossing.

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What is the typical punishment in Japan for involuntary man slaughter?

and what is the punishment for premeditated murder?

Just curious.

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