3 washing machines torched in same apartment building


Police are investigating three suspicious fires which destroyed three washing machines in an apartment building in Tokyo's Nerima Ward this week.

According to police, the first fire occurred on the afternoon of Nov 30. A washing machine located in the corridor outside a first-floor apartment was set on fire, Fuji TV reported. The second fire occurred at around 3 p.m. on Dec 2, destroying a washing machine located in front of the same apartment. About 5 1/2 hours later, another washing machine on the second floor of the same building was set on fire.

No one was hurt by the fires, police said, adding that someone had put garbage in each washing machine and then set it on fire.

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Someone peed off with folks doing their washing late at night perhaps.

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Uh-huh. That sounds possible.

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More like a teenage boy looking for a thrill. Check the residents for a teenager with issues.

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guess it would have been cheaper for the owner to pay one pissed off anger management maniac.

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Poor washing machines...

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Will the responsible pay for the damage to someone else property? Why teenagers always get away with these actions, which encourage the dumb generation of today?

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Yet another nutter.

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There could be many reasons such as those already mentioned in the comments, but another could be the machines had been broken for some time and management had done nothing to fix them.

What was done was still not right.

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