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3 youths arrested for torching vending machines


Police said Tuesday they have arrested three 16-year-old youths for setting vending machines on fire in order to steal money from them in Hachioji.

According to police, in March and April, at least 24 machines in 26 locations were robbed using the same modus operandi, netting the thieves around 110,000 yen, TBS reported. Police said the vending machines were torched in order to provide access to the coin storage compartment.

Police said the three youths are part of a gang of seven.

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these kids will be back torching atm machines

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Sounds like a lot of work for 38.000 yen, when split 3 ways. They should be thrown in jail for being so stupid!

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Little vandals. They are probably now aware that their antics weren't worth the very small reward. A vending machine that was set up outside a local sports facility in my neighbourhood in the UK was stolen after a only a few days. The machine, that is, not the contents. Japan's still doing alright.

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Sounds like a lot of work for 38.000 yen, when split 3 ways

And it would mostly be in coins!

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Dude 1: okay it is open grab it. Dude 2: I got it...OWWWWWWWw .....man thats hot. Dude 3 & 1: laughing at the image of a coin seared into Dude 2's palm.

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Japanese vending machines are such a beautiful and wonderful thing. Why would anyone want to destroy them?

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I wonder if these kids learned their lesson.

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Yep, just 5,000 yen average per machine.....hardly worth the effort or risk.

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