30 Okayama schools get postcards threatening to kidnap students


Police in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture, said Saturday that at least 30 elementary schools received postcards this week, in which the sender threatened to kidnap a child.

According to police, the postcards arrived on Aug 27 and 28. Fuji TV reported that police increased patrols around the elementary schools on Friday, while parents were alerted not to let their children walk to and from school alone.

Police said the postcards were sent from Kanto post offices.

In July, an 11-year-old girl was kidnapped while on her way home from school in Kurashiki and kept confined for six days before being rescued unharmed from the house of her kidnapper.

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Check the divorce records.


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Someone really doesn't want to go back to school.

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As much as this has to be taken seriously I'm gonna guess it's just some loon playing mind games. It's quite different to the girl in Kurashiki. That loon stalked her for months beforehand and did 40 grand worth of renovations to his house to make a soundproof room. Let's hope I am right about this and none of the kids are kidnapped.

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i'll do my best to stay alert, i love my city so much! whoever did this is going to get it!

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You do understand that the divorce process is extremely long and expensive (Especially in Japan)?

I somewhat doubt the possibility of an angry ex-husband threatening 30 schools because he wasn't happy with the outcome of his marriage. But that's just my opinion.

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hmmmm, this seems like some form of distraction. i would probably do this if i wanted the police to waste their time on meaningless task while i focus my actions on a specific thing. Like a store or something, maybe even a

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I was thinking maybe a divorced parent was angry and wanted to scare the mother and the child goes to one these schools. Just a hunch.

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I can see the point of kidnapping - to get money, but what is the point of threatening to kidnap? This sounds like someone trying to get attention, and has to be yet another nutcase.

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