31 windows broken at primary school in Saitama


Thirty-one windows were found broken at a primary school in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, on Monday morning, police said. Police found rocks inside the rooms whose windows were smashed.

According to police investigations, a passerby noticed the windows broken around 8 a.m. A teacher told police that nobody was at the school after a teacher left there around 5 p.m. on Sunday.

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Saitama is a breeding ground for trouble makers. Was it a bad student , an angry teacher or some sumo hopped up on drugs?

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Oh, Saitama! A bad place to visit and I definitely wouldn't want to live there. I wonder what the police are doing to rid Saitama of this recent crime spree. Sorry, just kidding! - I wonder if the Saitama police are doing anything to rid Saitama of this recent crime wave. That's more like it!

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Police found rocks...

Another crime solved - 'I think the rocks have something to do with the broken windows guv... we can crack this case if we can just figure out how...'

Their detection powers are truly phenomenal.

Things are looking up!

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"We will remove all of the ROCKS in Saitama to ensure that this never happens again" "Uff..more rocks" "Ya know I never met a bad rock, but I met some bad people who throw em" "GET BACK TO WORK!!" "Uff-Uff"

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Rocks are hereby banned!

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Not my pet rock it has a visa.

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the teacher was the last, so he made this

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Police found rocks inside the rooms whose windows were smashed.

Damn they are good!

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Ichiro: OK, Takeo, first we rock; then we roll the hell outa here before the cops come.

Takeo: Gotcha! Let's rock and roll!

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Another quiet day in Saitama.

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So if you break a mirror it's 7 years bad luck, how many windows do you have to break for it to be bad luck?

This could be a student's science project intended on answering the above question and he will be turning in his research paper any day now (no...really..any day now).

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