32-year-old woman arrested for burning son's buttocks with lighter


Police in Kinokawa, Wakayama Prefecture, have arrested a 32-year-old woman for abusing her 10-year-old son by using a hot lighter to burn his buttocks and other parts of his body.

According to police, on Jan 7, the boy was rushed to the hospital after his mother said he fell down the stairs and sustained a cranial injury, TV Asahi reported Saturday.

Hospital staff found burn marks and bruises on the child and informed police who questioned the boy's parents. The mother, Akiko Nakao, was quoted by police as saying that since October 2013, she had often burned the boy with a hot lighter to discipline him because he would throw away food he didn't like.

Police said they believe the boy was abused on a regular basis by his mother.

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Please take the poor away from that monster and give him a loving home with a family who will give a chance to grow up and live

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Punishment in kind, repeatedly.

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There are no words to describe the revulsion I feel towards this evil woman.

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What's the bet his cranial injury was not an accident either? It never ceases to disgust me what sick and cruel treatment some Japanese parents come up with for discipline. Locked on balconies, in cupboards, in garbage bins, wrapped in blankets, taped hands and feet, scolding with hot water, putting their hands over mouths and noses to stop kids breathing and, of course, the ever-present good old smack down across the head. And, that is just a short list of recent ones. Disgusting!

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I wonder which part of lesson learned the Mom didn't quite understand if fire on the kids rear didn't quite teach him the first time. She could have just you tubed " horrific torture" to improve her discipline methods or just abandoned the kid like most do in Japan.

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Time for mother to have the punishment fit the crime... I have a nice long 100 lighter I'd like to try out on her backside...

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"Police said they believe the boy was abused on a regular basis by his mother."

well we all know what this means and leads to, and if their is no father in the house.

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I want to burn her buttocks to discipline her ...

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...tch! bad mother don't know how to cook well for her own kid.

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I donot appreciate or anyway condone this disturbed monster, however I never hear about the father in these cases. I have a son and being close, he either would tell me or I would notice. If so, I woulh have her committed and take my son .I was always told a woman can raise a boy but it takes a man to raise a man.This little boy is now scarred for life.

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She really light a fire under his rear.

-3 ( +0 / -3 )

May the fires of hell devour her evil soul. Remove the child from the mothers care at once and for good.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

Please take the poor away from that monster and give him a loving home with a family who will give a chance to grow up and live

I wish that would happen, but as we have seen here on JT on the state of the orphanage system here in Japan, and the belief that many here hold on not taking in kids who are not "Blood" and I doubt that such a great scenario would happen here in Japan. One can only hope that it does.

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Strange, as apparently adopting apprentices and boys as heirs was fairly common here earlier.

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I hate to admit it... but some women are truly evil! I can't blame this on anything else. I sometimes miss the days when we could just say someone was "evil"!

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Please, give mama a break. She simply misread the recipe for hot cross buns.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

Japanese mothers are heaven or hell. I know it.

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