320,000 bits of customer info of lodging providers in Japan stolen


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When it comes to the Internet - "Trust No One" would be the best approach, particularly concerning matters involving money. So if you pay for things with your Credit Card, watch your statements regularly, (ideally) best to have one credit card simply used for internet purchases, and avoid registering your main bank account with too many services.

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So on the Prince Hotel article yesterday we had a slew of comments critical of Japanese web security measures and then today we have this: “Paris-based company, which deals with 3,500 hotels in 90 countries.”.

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Yippee! Glad I pay cash everywhere I stay.

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how is a breach counted?

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When it comes to the Internet - "Trust No One"

Problem is that if when you want to divorce your credit card details from the rest of your personal details, you are forced by most major online booking companies to provide a credit card/debit card

I use but always pay with cash. When it asks me for card, I use a debit card that virtually always has no money it. Its a dummy card basically.

Its not ideal, but its a simple measure to take.

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Luckily these are just “bits” of information and not globs or wads. I once lost over a million chunks of info and it really cost me a lot.

What this story teaches us is to always keep our nfo together and not laying around in little pieces...or something

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Vanilla. Haha. Good point. 320,000 bits (or 320kBits) of data is nothing. Now if it is data for 320,000 people or 320,000 sets of data it’s a huge amount. I’m thinking the article should have used a different term

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