343 mobile handsets stolen from DoCoMo shops in Ibaraki


Some 343 mobile handsets were stolen on Wednesday night from two DoCoMo shops in Koga and Joso cities in Ibaraki Prefecture, police said Thursday.

According to police, 124 handsets were stolen from a DoCoMo shop in Koga around 2:45 a.m. and 219 handsets vanished from another DoCoMo shop in Joso around 4 a.m. The thefts were reported to police by a security company. Police said the front doors of the shops were broken.

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time to check yahoo auc for a new handset.

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was Saitama busy?

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Just another 22 and they can use a new phone every day

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Mobile cell phones are an attraction for thieves, terrorist and 'Monopoly' money makers. Since mobile phones were introduced crimes have reached their pick and never this will stop. In this instance the security must be in very poor shape. THERE'S THE RUB: WHAT SECURITY?'

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whats the distance between Koga and Joso?

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