35-year-old man arrested over murder of mother in Saitama


Police in Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture, said Monday they have arrested an unemployed 35-year-old man on suspicion of murdering his 65-year-old mother at her home.

According to police, they received a call from a man at 2:15 p.m. on Sunday, saying that his wife was dead. Police came to the house and discovered the body of Toyoko Hayakawa in the livingroom, TBS reported.

Police found Hayakawa's oldest son Kenichi on the second floor. He was quoted by police as saying that he had come to visit his mother on Friday night and strangled her on Saturday morning.

Kenichi and his 71-year-old father were living apart from Toyoko, police said. It was the father who discovered the body when he visited his estranged wife on Sunday, TBS reported.

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Poor mother ... Probably the son unemployed and needs some money for his Pachinko time ... she did not gave him

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These kind of stories dont even shock me anymore.

They say Japan is a safe place, and it is ... unless your some unemployed adult males live in parent.

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Everyday it seems, a family member kills one of their own - what the hell is going on?

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Please note that the story says the son lived with his father.

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Seems to me there may have been something financial going down between the mother and father affecting the son. "sorry son but moms taking most of our money so no uni"

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christopher smith good question , i think something weird is going on , for the last couple week's or month's losing track , it seem's murder in the family has been happening almost everyday , huge natural disaster's , war , family member's turning on one another , it's all written in the christian bible , be safe out there people , much , love

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Ok whats new everyday occurrence! Where is the family love in Japan?

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Please note the suspect was visiting his mother.

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The father and the son were living together.

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Headache with the story. Can't understand,anyway killing parents is always sad story.

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Saitama is certainly back in the news this week.

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