36 Japanese men detained in Manila over alleged phone scam


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Good. Probably the bosses won’t be touched and those kind of operations will continue.

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These guys are about to head to prison and do dance routines to Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars along with the other Filipino prisoners.

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Japan is so safe... because the criminals telecommute

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Great job of international cooperation! I wonder if this will even put a dent in the scamming?

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It is very alarming that this is the second time within a year that Japanese criminals have been arrested for alleged involvement in a call centre scam that defrauded elderly people in their homeland.

From Ken's account, I believe that Japanese police officers need to treat foreigners who live and work in Japan with more respect.

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These phone scams are getting routine and you cannot even tell if they are local or not. I always direct the calls to my answering machine because the scammers NEVER leave any messages on the phone ever.

The detainees should be charged for violating a telecommunication law and serve the sentence under the P.I. law. The Japanese gov't should not try to interfere nor accept the deportation and assist/cooperate only in the process of convicting the suspects.

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These telephone scammers are real scum, worst of the worst. They prey on the most vulnerable part of society - the elderly. I hope this bunch will get long sentences and get out of prison in the same situation they leave their victims - old and with no money left.

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I wonder if Duterte will throw them out of a helicopter?

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I hope that the full force of the law comes down on these people in the Philippines.

Japanese criminal's must not feel safe because they are out of Japanese jurisdiction. I would like to see an example made of them in the Philippines.

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These 36 ore ore sagi shysters and the 15 arrested earlier makes nearly a full deck to rival the playing card characters assigned to Saddam and his henchmen.

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The TV news showed a reporter trying to interview one of these charmers, only to be threatened with death by him. Claimed to be just a tourist but funnily was not very convincing.

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Slightly off topic but I've just started watching the Netflix Japanese drama series called Scams (it has Japanese and English subtitles so you can study Japanese while you watch!) Anyway, it's ok and the show takes a good look at how these phone scams are orchestrated.

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These men should be prosecuted to the Fullest Extent Of The law!

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A little information on what kind of scan would have been nice

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A little information on what kind of scan would have been nice.

I'm sure all the details will come out in court.

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