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39-year-old man arrested for abusing 3-year-old stepdaughter


Police in Oyama, Tochigi Prefecture, have arrested a 39-year-old unemployed man on suspicion of assaulting his 3-year-old stepdaughter by slapping her in the face. 

According to police, Takaki Iwase, slapped the girl with his bare hands at their home between Oct 25 and Oct 28 last year, which resulted in bruises on both cheeks which took two weeks to heal.

The girl is currently in a child welfare facility.

Police said Iwase — who was arrested on Thursday — has partially admitted to the charge and quoted him as saying that he did it as a form of discipline, Sankei Shimbun reported. Police said they are also questioning the girl’s mother, who is in her 20s, about whether the child has been abused on a regular basis since Iwase started living with them in August last year.

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sounds like he has mental health issues, the mother shouldn’t allow him near the infant.

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he did it as a form of discipline

Just another bully who defends abuse by stating it's discipline.

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This type of story keeps repeating itself, doesn't it? How many times have we read about the single mom with small children who choose to deal with the abusive new "boyfriend" who not only mistreats her, but the children as well. Stories like these are always sad.

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Who reported on him? I guess the mother...

She had enough of it so she reported?

If so it must have happened before too.

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Glad the authorities are taking this seriously. Violence is never appropriate for behavior correction of children. The girl is 3 FFS.

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why would a woman choose a man like this? lock him up.

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Someone ought to slap him! Like the Tochigi Governor!!

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My daughter is 3 and throws some epic fits but to hurt a hair on her head is unthinkable or any child for that matter. Another man child with no emotional understanding or control.

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39 unemployed and mooching off his girlfriend. this "man" sounds like a catch. hes frustrated with the poor choices hes made in his sad pathetic life so he has to take it out on a three year old. the definition of hopeless loser. the mother also needs her head examined to have chosen such a cockroach in the first place.

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Police said they are also questioning the girl’s mother, who is in her 20s, about whether the child has been abused on a regular basis since Iwase started living with them in August last year.

Why do women allow these monsters to abuse their children? I don´t get it.

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Such a big tough guy

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Quite the family... girl in her 20s, single with three-year-old child, allowing an unemployed 39-year old in to live with them. Sounds like a recipe for success for sure. Whatever happens, she better kick him out. If she allows him to stay after this, she is an accomplice to any abuse the girl has or will suffer, if she is not already.

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Where do all these single mothers find these deadbeats?

Is there a dating app that specifically finds unemployed or child abuser "men?"

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Why has it taken so long for this coward to be arrested?

I hope he gets an appropriate prison term.

He would last about 24 hours in a foreign prison.

Fantasy of Mine

(It would be nice if Japan had a neighborhood vigilante watch group comprised of adults who would teach this guy a lesson. It would also be nice if they could find some sympathetic cops who would look the other way. )

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Don’t know who is writing for this paper but the nasty boyfriend who was living with the mother doesn’t have a title. You can can not say the child is the “step daughter “ unless the mother is married to him.

It’s a known fact that the possibility of your child being abused by a boyfriend or girlfriend that doesn’t have legal rights like being the actual parent or marriage and adopting the child and making vows to care for the child increases by a huge margin. If you don’t want to care for the child there are so many orphanages or foster care homes that I helped in Japan that can care for the child. Plus they can place the child in a good home with adults that can care for them.

If we all we want is a shack up hunny that abuses your child because your afraid of being alone we’re going backwards. Take care of your child!! You wanted to be an adult and have adult fun now you have adult responsibilities! This mother had to have known the child was horribly miss treated. Didn’t care one bit.

One of my family members is a firefighter and responded to a call of the child put in the trunk of a car by the mother’s bf!! They tried to resuscitate the 10 month old for over 40 minutes but she didn’t make it. horrible and disgusting abuses are done to innocent children that don’t pick their parents.

We can’t say we’re making good choices when women are choosing to have babies with idiots and living with monsters who torture them.

Choose wisely and treat kindly!

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In any case, that kind of scumbag deserves to sit down in jail for some time and then be prohibited from approaching children upon his release.

That being said, I think child welfare services need to spend some time assessing the mother's fitness to parenthood. In cases of biological single parents allowing trashy boyfriends/girlfriends to abuse toddlers, it is a classic scenario of the former being unfit for parenthood. If her case is as bad as one might suspect, then legal custody has to be removed from her for the sake and safety of the child.

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