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3rd dead cat found in Tokyo neighborhood


Police in Tokyo's Nerima Ward said Tuesday that a dead cat was found at the entrance to an elementary school in Sakuradai. It was the third time this month that dead cats have been found in the neighborhood.

According to police, a teacher made the discovery at around 9 p.m. on April 25 as she was going home, Sankei reported. There were no external signs of injury on the cat's body, police said.

In the two earlier incidents, a decapitated cat was found in the school grounds of an elementary school in Asahigaoka on April 9, while on April 15, a dead cat was found on a street. Police said it had been kicked to death.

The board of education said that security guards will be stationed at the two elementary schools.

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Here we go again.

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It takes a fairly sick and dangerous mind to willingly kick a harmless animal to death.

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Serial killer in training. Catch whoever it is.

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Doing them by an elementary school is sending a signal that has the mothers worried to death.

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With the amount of surveillance cameras they got everywhere, it seems like.....Well you know the rest.

Catch this fool pronto!

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I hope no children saw any of the dead cats.. Poor things! Who would do this?! To an elementary school no less.

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DaDude: "With the amount of surveillance cameras they got everywhere, it seems like.....Well you know the rest."

A lot are for show. I know there are a number in my area in parking lots at supermarkets or what not that don't have any cables attached to them.

In any case, they should be able to catch the person responsible, and here's hoping they do because it looks like a sociopath in the making.

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