4 bodies found in park, believed to be missing family


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That should be 'mass-murder' suicide.

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Its so sad these people dont seek medical help before it comes to this . A family lost forever for what one will never know what this family went through for this to happen . May they now rest in peace.

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Wow sad story. Just horrible.

Its so sad these people dont seek medical help before it comes to this . 

I know a guy who last year hit some really troubled times financially. Absolute bottom (he's now doing better). He told me he a couple of months ago he was three months behind on rent and was literally days away from homelessness, and that he didn't feel there was any social net for he and his family.

i have no idea what happened to this family, but reading it definitely made me think of his desperation. I don't see how checking himself into a hospital would have helped, other than leaving his family without his support, and in an even worse position, though better than that of the family in this story.


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Always sad when an entire family is gone.

Sadder still when they take the lives of children intentionally.

RIP to the innocents.

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i couldn't read the story, just the comments. don't like these real life stories.

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Suicide / Murder results of a lack of values. The ole' "I am the center of the universe" attitude.

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Why would the family not being home earlier in the day trigger a missing person's report?

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That should be 'mass-murder' suicide.

I don't know why two people down voted your comment because it is accurate.

For those that down voted disillusioned's comment can you at least give a reply stating why you disagree with his comment?

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Another day - another family mass murder, RIP kids.

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Just horrible.

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Strangerland You said the word: DESPERATION. That is the epidemic fueling America's murder rate other than the police who are just allowed to kill anyone they want to. Desperation, but in America, we act 'out' whereas in Japan, self abuse seems the response. Desperation becomes a kind of mental illness and, for Nihonjin, opting out has always been the way. Sometimes "I just wanted to stab someone" is expressed but more often it's a train or a car into a lake or, as here, a great sadness for the young who experience it and it kills them. Abenomics and a return to pre-Taiheiyosenso political mentality will only make it worse. And, as for the children, even in such a state of irrationality, they could not go off and just abandon their children. When the Human mind becomes deranged, the most bizarre behaviors can seem rational. Desperation kills.

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Speculation alert: Even though the article doesn't hint one way or another which parent is the murderer, here's what I think may have happened. Dad killed the mom out of sight of the kids, then went back to the car and lit some charcoal "to keep warm".

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@ sendei, same guess as me. ;o(

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Why would the family not being home earlier in the day trigger a missing person's report?

According to a more detailed report in Japanese, the family was living with grandparents and left the house in the middle of the night (something like 1:00am according to surveillance footage). When the grandparents woke up in the morning and found them missing unexpectedly, they contacted the police to file the missing person's report.

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