Arson suspected after 4 die in apartment fire in Kagoshima


Police in Kagoshima said Tuesday they are questioning a 36-year-old woman on suspicion of arson after four people died early Monday in a fire that destroyed their apartment building in Kagoshima.

According to police and firefighters, a neighbor sounded the alarm at around 1:20 a.m. Monday, TV Asahi reported. It took firefighters about one hour to extinguish the blaze that destroyed the two-story wooden apartment building and an adjacent house.

Police said one body was found on the 1st floor and the other three on the 2nd floor.

Police said the four victims were a 76-year-old woman, who was the mother of the suspect, a 46-year-old woman and her two daughters aged 20 and 15. The mother and daughters were found on the second floor where they lived.

Eight tenants lived in the apartment building, police said.

Early Tuesday, NHK reported that police were questioning a 36-year-old woman who they suspect of starting the fire in a kotatsu.

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So tragic. RIP.

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Rip.. just sad news

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Kerosene heater???

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oh my sad and tragic. Hope they find out what caused this so others wont make the same mistake

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So you updated with some new information, that's good. But you still have some of the fundamental points totally wrong, and have left out something important. Next project: try again!

Moderator: The story is correct at the time of writing. It is not necessary for you to post theses kinds of messages. Please do not do so again.

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Hang her.

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