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4 men arrested over online romance scam


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"A fool and his/her money are easily parted."

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The men, from Nigeria and Cameroon

Quelle surprise. Textbook 419 scam.

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Why do they let these foreign scammers live in Japan? Especially online in buy/sell groups, nothing but foreign scammers, get that trash out of here.

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This happens on a daily basis to men, but where's the outrage.?Substituting the word 'women' with 'men' :

"...scamming several men in Japan out of large amounts of money by feigning romantic interest online.”

"...The women sent messages saying they wanted to meet the men and needed financial support such as for paying for an airline ticket...”

"The "international romance scam" is on the rise in Japan. Con artists use various schemes such as showing men photos of unrelated women."

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Yet some women are very desperate and vulnerable. This started happening to one of our friends. As soon as my wife told me about it, I told her it was a scam. But it still took a lot of talking and convincing to get that lady to cut the ties before she handed over money.

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”Need money to quit the military”?

Do these airheads think the US military is some kind of mafia.

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In the past four months I have received four slightly different approaches to the potential for romance from women who claim to be Russian. As a writer, and immediately aware of their broken English, I decided to play the game. In each case, after about a two-week rather sexy chit-chat (including their risque, almost-porn photos), and their purported desire to come to Canada to stay with me, they all asked for money. But it was truly fun to lead them on - gave me something to do between re-visits to my latest screenplay and travel articles. Truly fun.

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if they said they are in Military, or some engineer for oil and gas industry or their whole family died of some illnesses or in accidents, they are most probably scammer.

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Is there like a college course on scamming people offered at Nigerian universities or something? Why is it always Nigerians?

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Maybe they were really military servicemen of the Nigerian Prince?

4 ( +6 / -2 )

How can anyone be so Naïve and how can so many women fall for this scam. This was very dumb on the part of the women to give their money away to men they have never met in person. Meeting someone on the internet is really not meeting a person because you never know who you are really communicating with over the internet. The internet is a good tool if used correctly it should not be used to meet people. Hope the women can get some of their money back.

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I think all over the world the women already known these scam they were many in FB. And I guess Japanese women are not aware of this online lover scam? Thier target the asian women.

Not really, it's also a massive pbm in oz

Tend to think they target English-speaking countries first (scam emails are usually written in broken English).

This reminds me of one of my fav 'Flight of the conchords' scene where Murray receives what looks like a scam email from a Nigerian bloke (called Nigel Saladu), falls for it/sends money etc

PS: turns out Nigel Saladu's for real/ it wasnt a scam lol

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Well if some women are that easily fooled...

2 ( +3 / -1 )


Each country has a speciality. America is fast food, Japan is electronics, Nigeria is...this.

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"A fool and his/her money are easily parted."

Nice. Calling the victims of crime fools. You do realize this is a crime, don’t you?

Seriously, preying in the lonely is low. They’re going to feel even worse about themselves now.

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Back in 2006, I got orders to work at the US Consulate in Lagos, Nigeria. We'd take over receiving calls from the operators after hours. Every single week there would be people calling us with stories just like this. They even had a very popular song back then called Yahooze by Olu Maintain talking about scamming people.

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These are confidence schemes. Smart people get drawn in all the time. You'd be surprised who they get.

Sometimes the scammers get scammed: James T. Kirk doesn't fall for it!

If "Windows Support" calls you, it is a scam too.

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Nigerian men are very good at scamming peoples. A few days ago, Australian Police has arrested 32 years old Nigerian man for scamming Brisbane woman $ 400,000.

Last year, Fisayo Oluwafemi, 43 Nigerian man was charged with defrauding victims of almost $3 million through an alleged romance, identification and business scam he was running from inside Sydney's Villawood Detention Center.

There are many online romantic crimes committed by Nigerian men whom pretend as mostly the US soldier with the Photo download from facebook and other social media.

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Each country has a speciality. America is fast food, Japan is electronics, Nigeria is...this.

Haha, well played :-)

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I smell a business opportunity.

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Girls; don't FALL for this stuff...we're OUT here..and we need YOU TOO.

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A very common scam.

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Since the full biographies and family history of prominent miltary officials are available on Wikipedia and even DOD official sources, online impersonation of high-ranking military personnel is quite common.

I knew a brigadier general’s aide who said he spent at least 3 hours online everyday searching for and reporting fake SNS profiles of personnel in the unit.

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People gotta learn the hard way. Use paypal.

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People gotta learn the hard way. Use paypal.

Paypal wouldn't help either. Only online purchases have any protection. Sending money as a gift through Paypal, like this would be, has no protection at all.

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As I know scammers are professionals. They normally have high level of education.

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So you can scam a woman out of her body but not out of money...

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Fill in the blank:

To quote P T Barnum. "There's a BLANK born every minute".

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I think all over the world the women already known these scam they were many in FB. And I guess Japanese women are not aware of this online lover scam? Thier target the asian women.

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