4 schools in Kawasaki receive bomb threats


Four schools in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, received bomb threats on Monday, police said.

According to police, Daishi Elementary School, Daishi Junior High School, Watarida Junior High School and Kawasaki Prefectural High School— all in Kawasaki Ward — each received a letter informing them that a bomb would demolish the school and injure the students, Fuji TV reported. Police said the letters appeared to have been written by the same suspect and contained the same message word for word.

The schools were evacuated while police searched the buildings but nothing suspicious was found. The Kawasaki City Board of Education has consulted with Kanagawa Prefectural Police to increase security at the schools.

It has also come to light that on Jan 4, a New Year’s postcard sent to Kawasaki City’s municipal Fureai-kan Hall―a cultural exchange place between Japanese residents and foreigners―contained a message that read, “Let’s massacre Korean residents in Japan.”

Another postcard was sent to a city official on Jan 27 and threatened to harm South Korean nationals residing in Japan and blow up the public facility in Kawasaki.

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Urgh, crazy rightwing ethnonationalist

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No, teenage males who want to disrupt the final exams

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sensei258Today  04:22 pm JST

No, teenage males who want to disrupt the final exams.

Actually no, if you've been following the news (i.e. the controversy over showing the documentary in Kanagawa which makes it plain that the Japanese gov't did use coercion and chicanery to make Korean women service Japanese soldiers) it is obvious this is totally about Japanese neo-nationalists.

It's also plainly stated in this story that not only schools but also a community center where cultural exchanges take place between foreigners and Japanese was targeted.

Interesting that when certain nationalities are targeted, no one generally seems to mind...had this involved overt hatred towards US or UK nationals, you can bet this article's comments would be lit up.

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