4 teenage boys arrested for assaulting high school student on posted video


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Future construction workers.

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They will bow, pretend they are sorry, their parents will pay a lot of money, and these miscreants will walk away with a smirk

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In the UK we have several degrees of charge, it starts from affray, assault, to actual bodily harm to grievous body harm being most serious ( except attempted murder) does Japan have a similar sliding scale? depending on the severity of the attack on this guy it would be ninth UK a charge of ABH which could be quite a hefty fine.

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If it were your son who got beaten, as a father which would you prefer? Money from all four punks family? Or a chance to beat the snot out of each one of them?

there are some things money just can't buy...

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Social media is going to be the downfall of our society

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This kind of things never used to happen in Japan.

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Both money and physical punishment

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4 vs 1 !? If I'm the parent I will sue these boys. Especially those outsider

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The video posted on a social networking site showed more than four people kicking or hitting the victim with a stick, but the police have concluded that the four boys played a major role in the assault.

More than four people...So what about the others? Will they walk away scot-free since they didn't play a major role according to the police? I hope that the article is just missing that part and it isn't the case.

I mean, what kind of message would that send? Participating in assault is ok as long as you're not playing a major role?

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there are some things money just can't buy...

For everything else, there's Mastercard.

But seriously, nothing is going to happen to these 4 bullies. Fake bow, fake apologize , a couple yen and all is done. The real victims are the victim's parents! Because they have to deal with the aftermat of this incident.

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