40 parked cars vandalized in Ibaraki


Police said Sunday that 40 parked cars had their tires punctured, windows broken or yellow paint splashed on them in Tsuchiura, Ibaraki Prefecture.

According to police, the vehicles were vandalized sometime early Saturday morning. TBS reported that the cars were in the parking lot of an apartment building in Manabe-shinmachi.

Police said they are examining surveillance camera footage to try and identify the vandal or vandals. TBS reported that a nearby vending machine also had yellow paint poured over it.

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Wonder if the perps were below the age of criminal liability?

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Nobody had their car alarms set?

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Wow, mad man's work. Too free may be?

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Sounds like youth vandalism - what can you do except hope the cameras were working well enough to identify them? Sure hope it doesn't mean Japan turns into another UK, where there are cameras everywhere. What have we become?

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Nobody had their car alarms set?

Don't know of a lot of people who actually own car alarms.

I hope these perps are caught - one of the lovely things about living in Japan is not having to worry too much about people messing with your parked car.

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I think a lot of people in Japan have car alarms, and I think they come standard with a lot of Japanese cars, but I am thinking they only go off if someone tries the door.

Still, I am surprised no one woke up from the sound of car glass being smashed. Then again, even if they did, they probably just went back to sleep.

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@funny car

I think a lot of people in Japan have car alarms, and I think they come standard with a lot of Japanese cars

It is certainly NOT "standard" to have a "car alarm" in Japanese cars - I wonder where you got that idea? None of my Japanese cars (and I've owned quite a few) have ever had car alarms installed, and I've never been asked if I wanted one installed (I don't). I guess you must be from the States where people are woken up in the middle of the night by someone just "brushing" against a car and setting off a most strident, annoying noise...

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At least for Nissan Moco: in the version with remote controlled ignition key, which does not need to be inserted into the lock while driving, it comes standard with an alarm system when the door is opened without key. (e.g. not using the mechanical lock or the remote key).

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I don't know what's available on the newest cars here in Japan, but aside from the (rather quiet) "alarms" that go off when you take the keys out with your lights on and the like, I have never heard a security-type car alarm go off anywhere/anytime in Japan.

I've heard the strident ones FightingViking is referring to going off at all hours in the States, though, for many years, and so frequently that as far as I can tell nobody pays attention to them any more, except for an annoyed frown or comment, assuming that it's just someone bumping up against a car innocently. Those alarms appear to have become the electronic equivalent of "the boy who cried 'wolf'". Granted, my recent experience in the States is limited to cities and well-populated suburbs on the US West Coast; things may be different elsewhere.

In Japan, though, I've been around both urban and rural areas for decades, and have yet to hear a car security alarm go off. Such an alarm wasn't on the list of options for my last new car, either.

Over the years such incidents of vandalism haven't been exactly rare, either, both for cars and for bicycles.

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Our insurance lower the costs with car alarms.

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