41-year-old man arrested over mother's murder


Police in Hamura, Tokyo, have arrested a 41-year-old man on suspicion of killing his 68-year-old mother in December.

According to police, Kiyoshi Tamari, a company executive, is accused of stabbing his mother Kiyoko in the neck at the home where they lived together on Dec 22, Fuji TV reported. Kiyoko was found collapsed in the bathtub and bleeding from the neck, already dead. Her son was unconscious after he apparently stabbed himself in the abdomen. Their bodies were found by the suspect's younger brother who had come to visit them.

Police waited until Tamari recovered before questioning him. Police quoted Tamari as saying, “While I can’t remember the details, for the most part, there’s no mistake that I killed my mother.” However, he has so far given no motive for the crime.

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there’s no mistake that I killed my mother

A sad end for anyone, let alone at the hands of your own child...

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"Their bodies were found " "Police waited until Tamari recovered "

So he wasn't quite a body after all.

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miserable disgusting little worm. killing your own mother.

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There should a law against living with one's parents past a certain age in this country....conditions apply.

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there’s no mistake that I killed my mother

Sad that this was even said by somebody

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