42-year-old man arrested for abandoning mother’s body at home


Police in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture, have arrested a 42-year-old unemployed man on suspicion of abandoning the body of his mother at their home.

Police said the man, Kentaro Yoshida, was arrested on Friday. He was quoted as saying that his mother, who was in her 70s, died about a week ago of an illness, Fuji TV reported.

According to police, a male social worker contacted them on Friday to report that he was having difficulty confirming the safety of an elderly individual. He said the woman had not been seen or contacted since he visited the home on Jan 20.

Police and social welfare officials went to Yoshida’s home to inquire about his mother. They found her body on the floor near the entrance. Police said it appeared the woman had been dead for about a week and added that an autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death.

Yoshida told police he didn’t know what to do when his mother died

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"yoshida told police he didn't know what to do when his mother died" gee, I don't know, call the ambulance, call the police, call another family member, call City Hall, don't sit on your ass and worry about how your 40-something year-old unemployed self has to go out and find a job now

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He didn't abandon it, he preserved it; otherwise, there wouldn't be any evidence.

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Yoshida told police he didn’t know what to do when his mother died

It should be no surprise he did not know what to do. He is 42 years old, unemployed and lives with his mother, which equates to, he is an idiot!

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Reading the title alone, one could already guess it would be related to someone who is likely of mid-age and unemployed. I was spot on. Miserable, useless leech.

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It is quite unfair to condemn this poor man without knowing more about him. He could well have intellectual or mental problems, or both, which could have made it difficult to cope with his mother's death, so he didn't. No doubt this will all come out in the court case.

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If you have ever had a loved one die on you and you were the only one there you would know how hard it is on some people. He probably didn't want to see her go. Even if he was a leech he would still be having a hard time. If it was over a year I would probably be more apt to go WTF. A weeks nothing compared to some of the other news articles where this has happened.

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Didn't know what to do so he left her on the floor near the entrance where she died? Pretty sad stuff all round.

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Didn't know what to do so he left her on the floor near the entrance where she died? Pretty sad stuff all round.

Maybe he'd watch any of the crime TV shows and didn't want to touch anything nearby?

I go numb when a loved one dies. Basically can't do anything for a few days.

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Many of you are either new to a Japan or just naive.

There are tens of thousands, no hundreds of thousands of Japanese men who are hikikomori. You think they are to be pitied and somehow the government or society is at fault.

No. You’ll find most of them come from middle class families. They didn’t get into Uni, or found it hard, or didn’t get into the exact course or get the exact job they wanted.

Sk they stayed at Home. Often just because they were embarassed..

and Mommie has looked after them and paid their bills for years or decades.

They’ve never had to cook, clean or do anything except eat, drink, sleep, and play games or use the internet.

so when mommie gets sick or dies they do what they’ve done for years- nothing.

This will be a monthly or weekly occurrence from now on as the lazy bums teach their 40s and 50’s and 60’s and their mothers get too old. It’s a first world problem.

In another country they wouldn’t be able to just have their mother as a slave and stay home.

Before you attack me, ask yourself how many of these men you know.

Not as many as me I’d say.

Proud, lazy bums.

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we have the same conversation on threads like this he didn't abandon the body that's a poor translation of "improper disposal of"

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I've been saying the same things to my Japanese friends, one of them works for the government and deals with hikikomori.

Some Japanese friends also agree with me saying that if parents don't tolerate this behavior by doing everything and paying for everything, these people won't have any excuse to play games or surf the internet all day.

Yoshida told police he didn’t know what to do when his mother died'

Maybe show some respect and called the police?

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