45-year-old man under arrest for killing father also charged with mother’s murder


Police in Asahimachi, Yamagata Prefecture, said Sunday they have added a second murder charge against a 45-year-old unemployed man, already under arrest for killing his father, on suspicion of killing his mother.

Hiroyuki Shibata was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of killing his father Setsuo, 72. On Saturday, police also charged him with killing his mother Yukiko, 68, Fuji TV reported.

The bodies were discovered in separate bedrooms by the couple’s daughter who had come for a visit at around 10 a.m. on March 2.

Police allege that Shibata strangled his parents to death sometime on the night of Feb 27.

Setsuo and Yukiko, who were part-time newspaper delivery workers, were last seen by the newspaper company after finishing work on the morning of Feb 27. On Feb 28, at around 3 a.m., Hiroyuki called and said his father had collapsed and that his mother had to look after him, so they would be taking some time off from work.

According to police, Shibata has repeatedly said he has nothing to say about the death of his parents.

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The fact that his story doesn't match the crime scene really incriminates him

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Absolutely disgusting. This lazy, unemployed son is sitting at home while his parents are working the graveyard shift delivering papers, trying to make ends meet and put food in their son’s mouth. I hope he lives the rest of his life with the guilt eating him up inside.

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