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5 arrested for creating and distributing info-leaking cell phone software


Police said Wednesday that five men have been arrested for allegedly creating and distributing cell phone software designed to retrieve personal information from users' phones.

According to police, Hirokatsu Okuno, 36, Yasumasa Tamai, 28, and three accomplices are alleged to have created a close copy of an existing, popular cell phone game application ("Piyomori the Movie") in March of this year, Sankei Shimbun reported.

Around 90,000 people are believed to have installed the virus-infected software, which then sent over 11.8 million items of personal information from the address books of users' cell phones to the software's programmers. This information was then allegedly sold to dating websites and other spammers, Sankei reported.

Police are currently building a case against the five, who are likely to be charged with orchestrating a large-scale leak of personal data.

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Well at least they sent the information to a DATING site.

If you going to be a parasite you might as well be a parasite with "benefits". (^v^)

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I suppose it could have been much worse! What if they were able to have a program that did a core dump of everything on the cell phones? They might even be able to steal someone's identity with the information gleaned and wiped out their bank accounts.

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Good work on law enforcement. These people need to be locked up!

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